Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Tuesday, February 5, 2019

First responders were called out to 197 incidents across Cheektowaga on Tuesday.

4:12 am – The county water authority was notified about a water main break on Ridge Park and another one on Greenleaf Lane.

7:25 am – Cleveland Hill firefighters were called out to David Avenue to deal with a smoke detector that was set off by burnt toast.

8:38 am – A police report was filed for a natural death on Sprucewood Drive.

10:46 am – A woman was advised on how to deal with credit agencies after she gave phone scammers her personal information.

3:39 pm – U-Crest firefighters were called to a scene to deal with dining room smoke on Floral Place. It turned out to be burnt food.

3:48 pm – Police were notified about a former employee at Garden Gate who keeps showing up to the facility even though he has been banned from the site since November. He tries telling new managers he works there. The next time he shows up he will be arrested for trespassing.

4:01 pm – A woman called and said her mom stole all her money. A woman was arrested at the Beach Road scene. A domestic incident report was filed.

4:02 pm – Police were called to deal with a 9-year-old having a breakdown. The mother called and said the 9-year-old son was attacking her and the 12-year-old son hit his little brother with a baseball bat. The younger son calmed down and left to go to Grandma’s house.

4:32 pm – Officers had to deal with a neighbor dispute on Wagner Street. One neighbor keeps parking in the other one’s driveway. The one woman told police she didn’t know it wasn’t her driveway to park in. The vehicle was moved.

6:00 pm – One person was taken to ECMC with injuries after a crash between a Ryder truck and a Hyundai – led to the vehicles getting up on the tracks off of Broadway. A heavy tow had to be called into the scene. Forks firefighters were also called in to help with debris.

6:13 pm – Police are following up on a strange man that apparently is following kids on foot in the neighborhood around Steven Drive. He stops following the children when he spots another adult around.

11:15 pm – A woman on Gary Lane called and said someone put a dog in her yard. The pooch was picked up by police and put in the town kennel for the night.

Quick Statistics:

Property damage crashes: 5

Warrants served: 4

DMV violation arrests: 2

Narcotics arrests: 2

Snow Ban Tags: 40

Walmart shoplifting arrests: 3

Galleria shoplifting arrests: 0

Mental health interactions: 3

Domestic incidents: 5

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