Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cheektowaga Police Accident Investigators are along the 4200 block of Genesee Street where a pedestrian was struck and killed the pre-dawn hours of August 8, 2017. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – First responders were called to 186 incidents on Tuesday. Here are just some of the stories.

12:02 am – A police report was filed after a woman on Crocker Street found that her ex-boyfriend smashed the windows in her house and flattened the tires on her vehicle.

1:14 am – A group of about 10 kids was acting out on Croy Avenue. Police advised the group to keep the noise down.

1:48 am – A driver was arrested for marijuana possession on Eggert Road. The driver was also charged with not having a license or registration.

2:25 am – A roommate’s nephew destroyed a home at Williamstowne Apartments. The nephew also reportedly choked his uncle. The nephew was arrested for assault.

2:32 am – A drunk woman on East End Avenue wanted a guy out of her house. She didn’t even know the man’s name. He took off for the night.

2:43 am – Police filed a report for a rape after a victim went to St. Joes Hospital.

9:40 am – A woman called from Gardenvillage Apartments. She said she woke up to maintenance in her apartment checking out outlets. Everyone was advised. 

9:50 am – A complaint slip was filled out after a sanitation truck hit a dog on Keicher Road.

10:10 am – A man was arrested for shoplifting from Home Depot in Thruway Plaza. 

10:37 am – Police filed a report after a man on Penwood Drive said his neighbor drove over his tools with the lawnmower. The other neighbor called and said the original caller was yelling and swearing at him. Everyone was advised by police.

10:50 am – A police report was filed after a woman drove away from Rusniak’s service station without paying for gas. 

10:55 am – A driver was arrested for driving without a license on Cleveland Drive.

12:44 pm – Police were called to check out a road rage incident that happened on Union Road. A woman said a driver threw a water bottle at her car. Police could not find the driver in question.

1:13 pm – One woman was arrested for stealing jeans at Walden Galleria.

1:14 pm – A husband who was out of town called the police to check on his wife. They were on the phone, and suddenly the phone went dead. The wife has a history of seizures. Police checked out the Heather Road home and the wife did have a seizure. AMR was called to the scene to help check out the woman.

1:28 pm – A police report was filed after a trailer full of tools was stolen from the parking lot of Burlington Coat Factory on Walden.

2:44 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters were called to help rescue an 85-year-old man who was stuck on a roof on Roycroft Boulevard. His legs were too weak to use the ladder. He was helped down. He signed off on further treatment.

3:28 pm – A 16-year-old girl was arrested for shoplifting from Walden Galleria.

3:52 pm – A woman was picked up on Walden Avenue after being reported for shoplifting makeup from Walmart. 

4:28 pm – Police were called to Walmart. A woman said someone took her pills out of her car. She called back an hour later. An unknown number texted her to say the pills were dropped off at a Rite Aid in Lockport. The unknown person said the woman’s number was on her pill bottle. She suspected this was done by her ex who follows her around.

5:09 pm – A call came in about a fight in Town Park. A man said one of the guys he was fighting with had a gun. They were last seen on the David Street bridge. Police stopped some of the kids on David. The victim was walking behind the rec center. There turned out to be no issue. The kids were given a ride back home. They didn’t have any weapons.

5:44 pm – A person on Tudor Road called to complain about their neighbor’s camper. It was apparently over the property line and the neighbor would not move it. Everyone was advised.

5:59 pm – A driver was pulled over and arrested for driving without a license on William Street.

6:12 pm – Someone at the Galleria called to say their phone was missing. When they called their phone number a man answered and said he would give it back for money. A police report was filed.

6:39 pm – Police were called to a fight over a hot dog on Lloyd Drive. 

6:51 pm – A female employee at Walmart was arrested for stealing.

7:09 pm – Police were called to Preston Road three times within an hour. There was a fight between a drunk woman and her nephew. One person was arrested the second time police came to the house. 

7:10 pm – A woman using the ATM got stuck in the vestibule of M&T Bank on Union Road (near Galleria Drive). The alarm company said there was an issue with the corridor being worked on – and the door can only be opened using a bank debit card. Someone came and let the woman out of the bank. At 10:30 pm, a man found himself locked in the bank as well. He was able to get outside within a few minutes.

9:07 pm – A call came in asking police to check on a 4-year-old who was hanging out a window on Gaby Lane. The mother was advised.

9:58 pm – A woman at Gardenvillage Apartments called. A 7-year-old girl from the neighborhood was over at her house. Her kids normally play with the girl – but the caller could not keep the girl overnight. They were unable to get in touch with the mother. The grandma and aunt came to get the girl after 11:00 pm. A police report was filed.

9:58 pm – A call came in about kids drinking around a fire in a backyard on Peinkofer Drive. The parent at the house was advised to put the fire out.

10:46 pm – South Line firefighters were called to check out an alarm at a house on Whitney Place. It turns out the detectors were just set off by steam.

10:58 pm – Police were called to the Burger King on Union Near Genesee. A woman would not leave the bathroom. She was advised and sent on her way.

11:21 pm – A manager of TGI Friday’s on Walden called to report a man who was passed out in his vehicle. The man was checked out by police and taken to the Hampton Inn across the street.


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