Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Cheektowaga Police track a bank robbery suspect to a charter school in Buffalo. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – Dispatchers dealt with 171 calls to various incidents across the town on Tuesday. Here are some of the things that police, firefighters, and ambulance crews were called to.

12:02 am – Doyle firefighters were called out to check a possible electric outlet issue on Medina Street. It turned out to be an overloaded circuit. The breaker was shut down and the homeowner was advised.

12:23 am – A mother came home from work and noticed her 12-year-old son was not at their Poinciana Parkway home. A few moments later the mom called back and said her son got back home.

12:57 am – A call came in from Ellsworth Drive. The caller’s 16-year-old daughter ran away from home. She was tracked down just after 2:30 am and brought back home by police.

2:32 am – A driver was pulled over on William Street and arrested for narcotics. 

4:39 am – Bellevue firefighters were called to check out an alarm at Garden Gate Health Care. It appeared to be an alarm malfunction. 

9:36 am – The dog warden and an officer responded to Lehavre Drive. There was a report that a Malamute killed a Yorkie. A police report was filed. 

10:09 am – Police filed a report on Windwood Court. A woman said her daughter’s window was shot out. 

10:35 am – A summons was served for an unlicensed dog on Alpine Place. 

11:30 am – Police were called out to help the highway department get cars moved on Adlon Place. The street was posted ahead of road work for the day.

12:12 pm – U-Crest firefighters were called out to Maryvale High School for an alarm activation. The alarm was pulled. There was no fire. Hy-View and Cleveland Hill also helped out at the scene.

12:18 pm – Police were called out to Peinkofer Drive. The dog warden needed help moving a 170 lb. dog to the vet. 

1:19 pm – A police report was filed after a man said his wife’s purse was taken from their Claude Drive home.

1:19 pm – Police were called out to Ludwig Avenue. A man called crisis services and threatened to kill himself with a gun. A half hour later a man came to the door of the house. He was not the caller. The caller was not at the house.

2:11 pm – A woman on Pine Ridge Road said she found her son stole her laptop. A domestic incident report was filed. Officers were planning on checking a pawn shop for the computer. 

2:12 pm – Police were called out to Ridge Park. A 15-year-old was threatening to kill himself. He was kicking doors and trying to get out the window. He ended up walking into the city. He was taken back home an hour later from the Walden/Bailey area. Police were called back to the same house for the same issue around 4:00 pm. The teen apparently made the same threats because he didn’t want to be grounded. It turned out he never left the house (despite police checking around the Town). He was in the basement. He was strongly advised by police. 

3:51 pm – Doyle firefighters were called to Garland Avenue to check out smoke coming from an oven. The oven was on cleaning mode and the grease on the bottom started to smoke. Everything was okay.

3:59 pm – Police were called to the Galleria parking lot by Dick’s. A caller said they pulled into a parking spot and another driver threatened him. The other driver was gone. The caller was advised.

4:03 pm – A woman on a bicycle on Crocker Street called to say her ex-boyfriend was following her and her friend in the neighborhood with a car. He will not stop texting her. Police went to the man’s house and he was advised to stop contacting his ex-girlfriend. He wanted a note in the file that he wasn’t the issue – for his parole officer.

4:22 pm – A man and woman both called police at the same time from a house on Wagner Avenue. The woman claimed the man tried to force himself on her, and she threatened to stab him. The man said a woman “high on cocaine” was kicking things and refusing to leave. Both the man and woman took off from the scene before police got to the house. 

4:49 pm – Police on patrol noticed three kids running back and forth from the men’s room to the women’s room at the cultural center in Town Park. They were advised to knock it off. 

5:13 pm – A police report was filed after a woman on Andrews Avenue said kids cut through her yard and stabbed her pool.

5:16 pm – Police were called out to a road rage crash on Galleria Drive between the mall and Target. The woman said the man ran into her vehicle and was then threatening to kill her. Police filed a crash report. 

6:09 pm – A woman was arrested for shoplifting at Walmart, burglary tools were found with her. 20 minutes later police arrested someone else for shoplifting at the store.

6:36 pm – A 15-year-old was arrested for shoplifting from the Galleria.

7:00 pm – A police report was filed for an unattended death on South Headley Street.

7:26 pm – A fire alarm went off in the front office of Culinary Arts Specialties on Union Road. It turned out a cleaning crew sprayed a detector with water. 

7:36 pm – South Line firefighters checked out an alarm on Park Trail Lane. It turned out to be low batteries in the detector.

7:46 pm – A police report was filed for fraud. Someone on Beale Avenue sent money to a person in Atlanta by Western Union for a puppy. The puppy never arrived.

7:56 pm – A woman called from Williamstowne Apartments saying her husband is threatening her and her 22-year-old daughter. The man then got on the phone and said he was upset the daughter was staying with them because it isn’t allowed in the senior complex. Everyone was advised.

8:09 pm – Police caught three 11-year-old’s trying to get inside the school busses in the lot on Walden Avenue. They were found with property taken from the Kwik Fill gas station. They took the items back to the store then went home.

8:13 pm – Rescue Hose firefighters were called to check out an alarm on Ridge Park Avenue. It was set off by cooking.

8:39 pm – A police report was filed after a natural death at Williamstowne Apartments.

8:41 pm – South Line firefighters and NYSEG were notified about a wire burning in a tree on Gabrielle Drive. The branches of the tree were rubbing on the wire.

8:54 pm – Doyle firefighters were called out to South Rossler Avenue. A wire was sparking in a tree near the lumber yard. NYSEG was notified about the issue with the lines.

9:21 pm – A woman on Cherokee Drive said neighbors were hanging out right near her daughter’s vehicle. Police caught up with the guys in question and advised them to stay away from the car.

9:43 pm – Police were called to the Galleria. Security was escorting a 14-year-old out of the mall. He was told earlier not to return to the mall. The teen is banned from the Galleria for a year and his grandma came to pick him up.

9:48 pm – U-Crest firefighters were called to check out a possible fire behind a stove on Clover Place. The person was using a new stove and the wall behind it was very hot. There was no fire but the resident was advised to talk with a contractor to move the stove.

10:23 pm – Police were called to kick a homeless man out of one of the sheds outside Home Depot in the Thruway Plaza.

10:32 pm – A person was arrested for drunk driving after a crash on the 33. 

10:37 pm – A 13-year-old son was pushing his father around on Zent Court. A domestic incident report was filed and the teen was taken to Compass House.

11:57 pm – A call came in about two drunk women stumbling down South Seine Drive. They were just walking home. They were advised by police. 


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