Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Thursday, September 7, 2017

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – First responders were called out to 171 incidents in the Town on Thursday. Here are just some of the calls that came into dispatch.

4:04 am – A driver was arrested for driving without a license on Losson Road.

8:06 am – The police attended to a natural death on Garfield Court.

8:23 am – A person was arrested on Floreis Court after a person maced an employee at Urban Automotive Service on Maryvale Drive.  The suspect was charged with assault.

8:40 am – A woman was attacked by a ferret in the parking lot of the Pain Relief Institute on Union Road.  The woman killed the animal with her cane and brought the dead animal with her to St. Joe’s.  The hospital notified the Department of Health.

9:17 am – A wallet, change, and gift cards were stolen from a car on the 100 block of Freda Avenue.

10:23 am – Hy-View firefighters attended to a fire alarm at Veterinary Emergency Clinic on Genesee Street. The alarm was set off by cleaning.

10:52 am – Pine Hill firefighters attended to routine EMS call at Family Dollar on Genesee Street.

12:29 pm – A wallet was stolen from a car on Leonard Post. A police report for grand larceny was filed.

2:57 pm – A car was gone through on Pinehurst Avenue.  Nothing was taken, but the resident wanted it documented.

3:47 pm – A person was arrested after a crash in front of 1625 Walden Avenue because they did not have a valid license.  Four people were transported to Erie County Medical Center.

4:17 pm – Firefighters were activated for an emergency at the airport.

4:29 pm – A Kennedy Road woman told the police that her son was punched in the head while he was walking down the street.  A police report was filed, and an officer tried to speak to the parents at an address on Milsom Avenue.

4:39 pm – South Line firefighters attended to a fire alarm on Grand Prix Drive.  The cause was burnt food.

4:41 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters attended to a fire alarm at Cleveland Hill High School. Fire crews determined the cause to be a faulty detector.

7:41 pm – A person was arrested for shoplifting a The Home Depot.

7:43 pm – Hy-View firefighters extinguished a garage fire on Crandon Boulevard.