Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Thursday, September 6, 2018

Chronicle file photo of a Cheektowaga Police car.
Chronicle file photo of a Cheektowaga Police car.

First responders were called to 213 incidents on Thursday. 

1:55 am – An officer on patrol checked out a suspicious car on Genesee Street. It was a man parked and texting his girlfriend after a fight. He was advised to move along. 

2:32 am – The highway department was notified about a large branch that fell off a tree into Butternut Road. 

7:00 am – One person was taken to Children’s Hospital after a crash on Walden Avenue. 

7:01 am – Cleveland Hill, U-Crest, Forks, Rescue, Hy-View, and Pine Hill firefighters were called to a possible electrical fire on Cleveland Drive. It turned out to be a faulty outlet. The outlet was removed and the residents were advised to call an electrician. 

9:43 am – A person called 911 to say a shop in the Maybach’s plaza was wide open, but there was no employee around and the lights were off. It turns out the new owner was cleaning up the store the night before and accidentally left it unlocked. 

9:53 am – A police report was filed for grand larceny after an employee of a business on Broadway was accused of using a company credit card without permission. 

10:13 am – A call came in about “bums” living in a tent behind the 7-Eleven on Walden Avenue. A tent was found behind the building, but no one was inside. The tent was taken down. 

12:26 pm – An elderly man called 911. He was confused about his check being “sent to the bank but no one cashed it”. IT seemed like he did not understand the concept of direct deposit. A family member was notified to check on the issue for him. 

1:34 pm – A police report was filed after a riding lawn mower was taken from a garage on Elaine Court. 

2:17 pm – An employee of a store in the Galleria was arrested after the manager caught her loading gift cards and charging customer’s credit cards. 

4:25 pm – Two shirtless men were spotted walking along Transit Road. One peed on a fence. Police caught up with the pair who were suspected of being drunk. They were advised to head home to Benz. 

6:43 pm – Someone on Jenny Lane called police because they say neighbors threw a bunch of nails in his disabled brother’s driveway. They were advised. 

8:24 pm – A person on McNaughton wanted a vacant property checked out. They believe a person is living in a shed. There was no one on the property, but police found signs that there could be a squatter living in the rear garage. 

8:33 pm – A group of people were advised to stop shooting off fireworks on Broadway. 

9:27 pm – Two people were taken to ECMC for minor injuries and a driver was arrested for drunk driving after a crash on French Road. 

Quick Statistics:

Property damage crashes: 12

Property maintenance violations: 8

Warrants served: 3

Walmart shoplifting: 1

DMV violation arrests: 1

Mental health interactions: 3

Domestic incidents: 5

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