Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Thursday, September 28, 2017

Chronicle file photo of Cheektowaga Police.

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – The following is a look at some of the 175 incidents first responders were called out to on Thursday. 

12:23 am – Lovers in a car in Nob Hill Park were advised to head home.

12:52 am – An officer on patrol noticed three people hanging out on Doat Street. They were Pokemon players. They were advised. 

1:07 am – A man at Town Park on the David Street bridge was advised that the park was closed.

2:45 am – A driver was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving on Aero Drive.

3:18 am – Police were called to Hyland Road because a woman was yelling. One person was arrested for criminal mischief and a domestic incident report was filed.

7:26 am – A woman on John Brian Lane called police because she was upset her car was towed the day before. She wanted cops to give her a ride to go and pick up her car. Dispatchers told her police do not give rides to get vehicles. She called back a couple hours later to ask police to get her meds from her car. She was advised to have a family member take her to pick them up.

9:00 am – Someone on S. Century Road called police to say their car was gone through overnight.

10:50 am – A driver was pulled over on the I-90 and arrested for driving without a license.

11:36 am – A driver was pulled over and arrested on Walden Avenue on a NY State Police warrant.

12:00 pm – Forks firefighters and an ambulance crew were called to E. Nantucket Drive to help a man who was unresponsive in his backyard. Police eventually came to the scene to file a police report for a natural death.

12:38 pm – A 23-year-old was taken to ECMC from Wallace Avenue for a heroin overdose. A police report was filed.

12:43 pm – A woman was arrested for shoplifting from Tops on Union Road at George Urban. She was picked up by police running through the Rite Aid parking lot across the street.

12:52 pm – Someone at the Cheektowaga Library parking lot on Harlem Road called about kids being disruptive outside. They were concerned that the 12-year-olds should be in school. It turns out school was closed for the day.

1:03 pm – A driver was pulled over on Union Road and arrested for driving without a license.

2:05 pm – A driver was pulled over and arrested for driving without a registration on Union Road.

2:11 pm – Firefighters from Hy-View were called out to Sonwil Drive after a water alarm activation came out from a business. It turns out a sprinkler head was hit with a forklift. Maintenance turned off water to the system to make repairs. 

2:22 pm – Someone on Hunting Road called to report cigarettes and a cell phone were stolen from their car.

3:15 pm – A person at Remedy Staffing on Genesee Street called 911. A man went into the office and threatened to kill people if they didn’t give him a job. He was spotted by police walking down Genesee Street over the I-90. He threw something over the bridge. He was eventually picked up by police in the parking lot of New Creation Fellowship. Arrested for reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. He was told not to go to any Remedy Staffing location in the future.

3:40 pm – Officers took a 7-year-old to his grandmother’s house after he was taken back to the school by the bus. He was not dropped off at home because no one was waiting for him at the bus stop.

3:42 pm – Police were called to Tops in Thruway Plaza. A woman said a man threatened to hit her while they were arguing in line. The man left and the woman was advised. 

3:45 pm – An officer on patrol was speaking to Norfolk Southern employees. They were doing construction and it was spreading a heavy amount of dust to the nearby neighborhood. The work was moved to a less populated area.

3:52 pm – A police report was filed after a woman on Fontaine Drive said her workbag with a laptop in it was taken from her unlocked vehicle.

4:18 pm – Someone called police about a group of kids fighting on Alexander Avenue by the park. It was a group of boys and a group of girls from ages 7 to 12. They were all advised to stay away from each other.

4:49 pm – Police and an ambulance crew were called to the area behind the Tops at Thruway Plaza. A man said he was going to kill himself, and said he thought other people were trying to kill him. He had been drinking and doing crack. He started fighting with the ambulance crew. Police assisted. He was taken to ECMC for a mental evaluation.

6:03 pm – Officers were called to Lucid Drive after a woman said her grandson took the keys to her car and would not return them. 20 minutes later the grandson gave the keys back. They agreed to try and calm down and talk about the issue later.

6:23 pm – A person was picked up on a Cheektowaga warrant on Walden Avenue. They are also facing narcotics charges.

7:01 pm – A man was taken to ECMC for a mental health evaluation from N. Seine Drive. His sister called 911 saying the man might be on drugs “because the Lord is making him”. He was hanging onto lightbulbs to “be closer to the Lord”. 

7:18 pm – A car was pulled over on Broadway and two people were arrested for narcotics. 

7:31 pm – Bellevue firefighters were called to Trinity Packaging on Innsbruck Drive. There was a fire in the lamination machine. The fire appeared to be out before firefighters got there, but everything was filled with smoke. The crew helped ventilate the building.

7:55 pm – Officers spent about an hour tracking down a young woman who told the fathers of her children she was going to kill herself. They became concerned when she never picked up her kids at daycare. She was found at the Movieland parking lot. She was taken to ECMC by ambulance for a mental evaluation.

7:56 pm – Hy-View firefighters were called to Tryst Gentlemen’s club on Aero after an alarm was set off. It turned out it was set off by an e-cigarette.

8:45 pm – A woman was arrested for shoplifting from Walmart.

9:21 pm – A 10-year-old on Maryvale Drive called because his mom had been missing for a few hours. His father and mother do not speak much English. Police found out the mother got lost driving on the 33. She was spotted driving on the 400 by sheriff’s deputies without lights on. The husband was taken to be reunited with her on the I-190.

9:53 pm – Police were called to Walmart. An employee accidentally dropped their phone in a customers bag. The customer said they would return it to the store the next day.

11:48 pm – A police report was filed after officers were called to Tim Horton’s on Union and Losson. A call came in saying a co-worker was making sexual comments. The other worker called to say the first caller started flipping out after he touched her on accident. Both were advised.