Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Thursday, November 9, 2017

CHEEKTOWAGA – First responders in Cheektowaga attended to 173 calls Thursday.

3:06 am – The police arrested a driver along Eggert Road for not having a valid license.  He was also processed for having a Buffalo and Tonawanda warrant.

3:13 am – A person was arrested during a traffic stop on William Street for marijuana possession.

5:58 am – A police car struck a deer on the 400 block of French Road.

8:14 am – A package delivered by FedEx Wednesday was stolen from an address on the 1200 block of Walden Avenue.  The box contained a cell phone.

10:22 am – A driver was arrested for driving without a valid license during a traffic stop on the Harlem Road access Road.

12:16 pm – A woman on Carol Drive was issued a police report for criminal mischief after someone wrote their name in her new driveway.

1:37 pm – The police conducted a welfare check at Williamstowne Apartments after a man called the complainant saying he bit his tongue and was bleeding heavily, his heart was stopping, and he said, “Goodbye my love” and hung up.  The police determined that he was playing a joke.

2:29 pm – Sloan firefighters investigated a water flow alarm and discovered a contractor cut through a sprinkler line inside the old Wal-Mart at the Thruway Plaza.  Sloan was dispatched because dispatchers received no response from Rescue Hose.

2:42 pm – U-Crest firefighters investigated a water flow alarm after a semi-truck backed into a sprinkler system at 4039 Genesee Street.

2:51 pm – One person was taken to the hospital following a two-vehicle crash in front of Mid Erie Counseling on Walden Avenue.

3:13 pm – A police officer advised a woman’s daughter on Strasbourg Drive.  Mom says the daughter does not follow the rules.

3:50 pm – A woman was taken to the hospital from the Walden Galleria by ambulance for a routine medical issue.

5:06 pm – U-Crest firefighters attended to a faulty electrical outlet on Meadow Place.  The power was shut off to the apartment until an electrician investigates further.

5:52 pm – A 29-year-old man overdosed on Norine Drive.  Two doses of Narcan were administered by the Cleveland Hill firefighters. The patient was transported to ECMC.

6:26 pm – The police attended to a disturbance on Windwood Court between a man and a woman.  The man left for the evening.

8:15 pm – A sparking transformer and a downed wire on W. Gardenville Parkway were investigated by South Line firefighters.  The power company was requested.  Businesses on Scrivner Drive and French Road experienced alarm activations due to the power hit.

8:54 pm – A Colden Court resident cracked a natural gas line while installing a gas dryer.  U-Crest firefighters attended to the scene and called National Fuel.

10:03 pm – A Wagner Avenue man told police that a woman he was sending nude photos to over the internet is now demanding that he sends her $150.00 or she was going to post the photos to Facebook.  The man was assisted in deleting his social media account.

10:46 pm – A woman suffered a seizure while in the police cellblock.  She was taken to ECMC by ambulance and was admitted to the hospital.

10:56 pm – The police arrested one person from a home on the the 4500 block of Union Road for narcotics.

11:59 pm – Cheektowaga officers assisted West Seneca Police along the 2100 block of Clinton Street.  They pulled over a Chrysler PT Cruiser and a subject inside the car had a gun.