Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Thursday, November 2, 2017

Chronicle file photo of Cheektowaga Police.
Chronicle file photo of Cheektowaga Police.

CHEEKTOWAGA – First responders were called to 188 incidents on Thursday.

12:05 am – A police officer on patrol noticed a man trying to order food at Hot Dog Heaven.  The restaurant was closed.

12:49 am – A Transit Road man called the police saying that his wife was not making sense and that she was writing about the devil.

1:45 am – The 7-Eleven at Dingens and Ogden Streets in Buffalo was robbed.  Cheektowaga assisted Buffalo Police looking for a man wearing a skeleton mask.  He took a bag of Newport cigs and lottery tickets.

4:42 am – A police report was filed for an unattended death on Shanley Street.  A 42-year-old man passed away.

6:14 am – Forks firefighters attended to a fire alarm activation at Home2 Suites on Walden Avenue.  A faulty heat detector was placed offline until maintenance crews could fix the problem.

7:52 am – Two workers at the old Kmart on Walden Avenue got into a fight and one of them hit the other with a sledgehammer.  The victim was not hurt and did not to press charges.

8:57 am – Rescue Hose firefighters investigated a fire alarm activation on the 1100 block of Walden Avenue.  When firefighters forced entry to the structure they found a towel smoldering on a heater.  The hazard was removed and the house was ventilated.

9:19 am – Two women were arrested for fraud following an attempt to cash a fraudulent check at Northwest Savings Bank on Union Road.

9:44 am – A car was broken into on Slate Creek Drive.

11:52 am – A car was broken into on Eastland Parkway. The incident happened on Halloween.

12:44 pm – A Woodell Avenue resident says the daughter’s boyfriend cut the tires on a car.  A police report for criminal mischief was filed.

1:12 pm – An abandoned kitten on the 2300 block of Genesee Street was picked up by the dog warden.  He took the kitten to the SPCA.

3:07 pm – A sewer on Basswood Drive was backing up into a basement.  Erie County Sewer was alerted.

3:56 pm – A group of kids were taken home to Woodell Avenue after they were throwing rocks at the Alexander Community Center.  The parents were advised.

4:40 pm – A woman was arrested at Walden Galleria for shoplifting.  She was boosting items while having her baby in a stroller.  Dad came to pick the child up.

4:42 pm – A speeder was cited on Patrick Lane.

5:20 pm – The police tried to find a 70-year-old woman dumpster diving on Union Road.  Officers spoke to several people but nobody saw the driver.

6:12 pm – Forks firefighters assisted a person who was choking at Walden Galleria. The patient did not go to the hospital.

6:15 pm – The police towed a Pontiac Grand Am on Winkler Road for violating the town’s 24-hour parking law.  The vehicle’s tires were marked on November 1st and authorities noted no movement.

8:19 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters ventilated a house on Tudor Road after a grease fire broke out.  The resident was able to remove the burning pan outside.

8:33 pm – A subject dumped white paint all over the windshield of a car on Pine Ridge Road.  The vehicle’s owner did want the police’s help and said he would take the car to a car wash.

9:28 pm – Apple fans were lining up outside the Regal Cinema entrance of the mall to wait for the new iPhone.

10:03 pm – An amateur sled dog racer stopped at the Walden Avenue Target.  The police checked on the man after a caller said that he tied five dogs to his bumper.  The man was traveling from New Hampshire to Wisconsin.  Everything was in order.

11:59 pm – A masked man robbed the Sunoco gas station at Broadway and Roland Street.