Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Thursday, November 15, 2018

First responders were called out to 176 incidents on Thursday.

12:44 am – Someone on George Urban Boulevard called after she noticed two men trying to get into her vehicle in her backyard. They took off after realizing her car was locked. Police patrolled the neighborhood, but could not find the men.

4:59 am – A call came from Siberling Drive after a man was spotted trying door handles on vehicles. It turned out he was drunk. Police found him and brought him home.

5:47 am – A police report was filed for a natural death on McNaughton Avenue.

7:22 am – Two people were taken to the ER by ambulance after a three-car crash on Genesee Street.

9:48 am – A man was picked up from Rite Aid at Harlem/Genesee by police. He is now banned from the store and will be arrested if he returns. He was dropped off further down Genesee Street in the city.

10:28 am – Police had to go advise a truck driver behind the wheel of a rig with an Oklahoma registration to let other drivers out of a parking lot on Walden Avenue – after a bunch of calls came in complaining about how he was blocking traffic in and out of a plaza and refusing to move.

10:39 am – People were taken to the ER after a crash on Genesee Street.

12:02 pm – A woman was arrested for shoplifting at Target on Transit Road.

3:03 pm – A police report was filed for a dog bite incident on Windwood Court.

3:44 pm – An employee at Walmart was arrested for taking $1,500 from a register.

4:39 pm – A tenant was arrested for allegedly going into their landlord’s apartment and stealing their car keys. The tenant then allegedly crashed the stolen vehicle in the city of Buffalo.

5:32 pm – An employee accused of theft at Walmart was arrested for larceny.

Quick Statistics:

Property damage crashes: 13

Warrants served: 7

DMV violation arrests: 1

Walmart shoplifting arrests: 4

Mental health interactions: 2

Domestic incidents: 7

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