Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Thursday, May 18, 2017

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – The Cheektowaga Police Department attended to 173 calls on Thursday, May 18, 2017. The following is a brief report of some of the calls they received according to the Cheektowaga Police blotter.

12:50 am – A 4-year-old girl exited a SUV and was sent into the Transit Road Wegmans to use the bathroom by herself. When she returned to the car she got into the front seat and an adult woman exited the vehicle and went into the store. A police report was filed.

1:12 am – A third party called police to say a waitress at Jim’s Family Restaurant was having trouble with a patron in the dining room.  Police say the bill was paid and they took the subject to the Millennium Hotel.

1:15 am – Loud screaming in the area of Armond Lane turned out to be wild animals.

2:02 am – A person was arrested on Bink Street after police went to the house several times throughout the night for an open burning complaint.

4:02 am – A driver was arrested for DWI and unlicensed operation during a traffic stop on Cedargrove Circle.

5:05 am – Police advised tenants on George Urban Boulevard after a complainant said several people were stomping around.

5:50 am – A car popping was reported on Parkview Terrace.

6:15 am – A car popping was reported on Markus Drive.

6:23 am – A car popping was reported on Park Edge Drive.

6:34 am – Police advised a Reiman Street complainant on how to evict an ex-boyfriend who was living in the apartment for 2-years.

6:37 am – A car popping was reported on Parkview Terrace.

8:20 am – Police advised a basement apartment on the 800 block of French Road to turn down their music.

8:42 am – A Cabela’s employee called police saying a woman was doing cocaine in a vehicle.  The driver gave police permission to search the car and they found no drug use.  They were waiting for the store to open.

9:03 am – Someone entered two unlocked vehicles in a Pine Circle driveway overnight.

9:06 am – A woman was arrested for Endangering the Welfare of a Child after a Sanitation Department employee called police saying a small child in a diaper was wandering around on the 600 block of Mt. Vernon Road.  Grandma picked up the child and was escorted back to police headquarters to pick up her daughter.

9:11 am – Police attended to an ongoing 3-year neighbor dispute on the 100 block of Clover Place.

9:26 am – The building inspector was notified after construction work on the 3700 block of Union Road was kicking up a lot of dust.

10:01 am – Police found unregistered vehicles on an Alexander Avenue property. The case was referred to the Building Inspector.

10:03 am – Police contacted the suspect behind a stolen cat on Broadway and was told to call the complainant otherwise charges will be pressed.

10:05 am – A man was escorted to retrieve a cane and fan from a Melody Lane address.

10:22 am – An order of protection was served on the 100 block of David Avenue.  Four long guns and three hand guns were confiscated.

11:51 am – A motorcyclist injured his foot in a crash on Walden Avenue near the I-90.  He was transported to Erie County Medical Center.

12:23 pm – Road crews were notified to cleanup nails along the curb on Walden Avenue.

12:43 pm – Hy-View found a faulty detector when they responded to Meadowlawn Road for a carbon monoxide activation.

1:18 pm – A vehicle on Alpine Place was entered sometime overnight. 

1:19 pm – A resident on Vera Avenue has video of someone trying doors and getting into the garbage. A police report for Criminal Trespass was filed.

1:27 pm – U-Crest firefighters attended to a grass fire in the parking lot of McDonalds at 3815 Union road.

1:37 pm – A resident on Garden Village Drive though someone was kicking in the bedroom door.  The complainant called police back saying it was just the wind.

2:42 pm – A purse was taken from an unlocked car at Walmart.

5:21 pm – An unlicensed driver who was involved in a crash Wednesday, turned himself in at police headquarters.

5:30 pm – Referrals for two houses on the 200 block of Danbury Drive were sent to the Building Inspector for tall grass.

5:31 pm – U-Crest firefighters extinguished a mulch fire outside 3356 Union Road.

6:10 pm – A young girl was detained for shoplifting at Family Dollar on French Road.  The store did not prosecute, but wanted police to drive her home and have her banned from the store.

6:18 pm – Police installed a child seat at police headquarters.

6:20 pm – Police attended to a neighbor dispute over hedges on the 100 block of Wallace Avenue.

6:34 pm – A woman was arrested at Walden Galleria for shoplifting and false impersonation.

6:37 pm – Forks attended to a routine EMS call in the Waldens Restaurant inside the Millennium Hotel.  The patient was transported to South Buffalo Mercy.

7:52 pm – Police advised a woman going through a bad divorce on the 4900 block of Genesee Street.

7:56 pm – Police drove a kid to a home on Rommel after he fell off his bike along the 3700 block of Genesee Street.  An ambulance checked the kid out, but he didn’t go to the hospital.

8:07 pm – A driver was arrested during a traffic stop on the 3200 block of Union Road for vehicle and traffic infractions.

8:16 pm – A 9-year-old was reportedly beat up by four other young girls.  The complainant just wanted police to talk to the kids.

9:09 pm – A person was arrested for criminal trespass after an argument on Gualbert Avenue.  Police said a man was arguing with his wife because she took her.  A domestic incident report was also filed.

9:42 pm – Employees at Moe’s Southwest Grill told U-Crest firefighters that they were cleaning a tortilla press and set off the fire alarm.

9:45 pm – Police attended to a neighbor dispute on Creekside Drive.

9:57 pm – A domestic incident report was filed for a woman on Sable Palm Drive.  The suspect is continuously texting the victim and threatened to break her property and cause harm to her.

10:13 pm – Police talked to three kids around the David Street bridge.  The three kids were punching each other.