Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Thursday, June 8, 2017

The North Cheektowaga Amateur Athletic Association held its annual baseball parade on June 3, 2017. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – The Cheektowaga Police Department attended to 175 calls on June 8, 2017. The following is a brief report of some of the calls they received according to the Cheektowaga Police blotter.

1:18 am – A Gardenvillage Drive woman was sent to Erie County Medical for a mental health exam after calling police seven times in two days.

7:45 am – A St. Felix Avenue man called police because he did not like where his neighbor’s grill was placed.

8:47 am – Police notified the building inspector because the grass at 209 Cleveland Drive has not been cut all year.

9:36 am – Police spoke to the parents of two children after the children were overheard threatening to stab two teachers at Union East.  School resource officer also notified.

9:44 am – Officers attended to a family behavior issue on the 4100 block of Union Road.  Adult protection service will follow-up with the family.

10:32 am – A complainant on Mansion Avenue called the police to say someone violated a Family Court stay away order by contacting them through Facebook.  Police determined that the complainant contacted the person first and that there was no clear violation of the court order.  Complainant will follow-up with Family Court.

11:11 am – Police notified the building inspector because the grass at 55 Eggert Road was high.  They also mentioned there was a concern about rats.

11:19 am – A woman was arrested on a false impersonation charge.  She also had two arrest warrants in her name. Locations mentioned were on Broadway and Police Headquarters.

12:15 pm – Five long guns and a bow were confiscated for safekeeping after police attended to a desponded man on Charles Street.  The man was transported to Erie County Medical Center.

12:22 pm – A Rockleigh Drive resident called police saying a neighbor was blasting obscene music and smoking weed inside the apartment.  Police found no smell of marijane or loud music.  Police noted it was more of a neighbor dispute. Both parties were advised.

12:29 pm – A resident along the 1300 block of George Urban Blvd thinks their cat was poisoned.  The dog warden was notified.

1:37 pm – An 80-year-old woman with dementia was sitting on her front lawn with her shirt wide open.  A police officer advised her to keep her sweater on.

1:46 pm – A 35-year-old woman on Autumnwood Drive overdosed on an opioid.  Two doses of Narcan were administered with negative results.  She was transported to ECMC.

1:46 pm – A level three sex offender registered at an address at Williamstowne apartments.  Cheektowaga Chronicle will publish additional information separately when we receive it.

3:03 pm – A resident on Wellworth Place called the police to say someone stole his credit card and racked up $3,996 in charges.  A police report for grand larceny was filed.

3:49 pm – Police investigated a report of two people wearing masks sitting in a car parked in a handicap spot at Walmart.  Police checked the area and could not locate anyone.

3:57 pm – Police were requested to a Cleveland Hill school office because an irate parent was refusing to leave.  The issue was over a discipline matter.  A few minutes later, the school called back requesting to cancel police because the parent left.

4:26 pm – An Old Stone Road man called the police to report that his semi-automatic pistol was stolen from his residence.  A police report for grand larceny was filed.

4:35 pm – A police report for criminal mischief was filed for an address at Bert Road after someone broke her screen door.

5:46 pm – A car popping was reported at Rescue Hose on Pine Ridge Road.  The victim said the incident occurred Wednesday night and the incident was caught on video.

6:12 pm – A woman caught stealing at Walmart took off out the building and engaged the police in a foot chase.  She was later arrested in the parking lot of Sherwin-Williams.

7:44 pm – Police attended to a landlord-tenant dispute on Elkhurst Drive.  The genesis of the dispute was a water bill.

7:58 pm – Forks attended to a routine EMS call at Walmart.  The patient was transported to St. Joes.

8:01 pm – Two women assaulted a man over a parking spot at Walden Galleria.  A man was pepper sprayed and an ambulance crew evaluated the subject.  A police report for assault was filed.

8:11 pm – A 17-year-old male was arrested after police were called to Gardenvillage Drive for stealing his mother’s car.

8:48 pm – A Yellow motorcycle took off from police around Cedargrove Circle.  Police did not pursue the bike.  Police spoke to mom at Yummy’s on Genesee Street.  The operator was returning the bike.  It was later towed.

9:23 pm – A large group of city girls came over to Ivanhoe Road and started a verbal fight with residents.  Police advised the group.

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