Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Thursday, June 22, 2017

The North Cheektowaga Amateur Athletic Association held its annual baseball parade on June 3, 2017. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – The Cheektowaga Police Department attended to 188 calls on June 22, 2017. The following is a brief report of some of the calls they received according to the Cheektowaga Police blotter.

2:53 am – Police went out to a loud party on Jeffery Drive. It ended up being a dispute between a family. Everyone was advised. 

2:57 am – People were loud in a tent on French Road. They were advised to quiet down by police. Officers were called back for the same reason at 4:37 am. They were all advised again. 

5:30 am – A car was towed, and a drunk driver was arrested on Genesee Street. 

6:43 am – A neighbor called in a suspicious man looking inside vehicles on Reo Avenue. It turns out the man was just a construction worker, no issue. 

7:08 am – A family called concerned because a woman with dementia wandered off. She was tracked down about an hour later in Buffalo. Police reunited the woman with her family. 

7:41 am – A police report was filed after a man said all four of his tires were taken from his car overnight. The incident happened on Central Boulevard. 

9:25 am – A grandmother on Lucid Avenue called the police, she was upset at her grandson after he crashed her car overnight. Everyone was advised. 

9:29 am – NYSEG was notified along with firefighters from South Line, a tree on Hillwood Drive was touching power lines and the issue was burning the pole. 

10:10 am – Police were called out to an address on Walden Avenue. A dog apparently attacked two other dogs. There was a prior incident involving this animal. An ambulance was called to the scene to check out a woman who got knocked down by the dogs fighting. The dog was taken back to the kennel because the owner was taken to the hospital with a back injury. 

10:18 am – Firefighters from Cleveland Hill were called to check out a 20-year-old woman who dropped a knife on her foot on Nugget Drive. She was not taken to the hospital for treatment. 

10:42 am – Firefighters from Forks were called to help out a woman who fell off her bike. She was bleeding from the face and had issues with her ribs. This happened on Zoerb Avenue. She was taken to St. Joes to be checked out. 

11:25 am – NY Inspection Stickers were reported stolen from a garage on Genesee Street near the airport. 

12:02 pm – A drunk man was arrested for shoplifting from the Kwik Fill on Harlem Road. He was spotted two days before stealing from the same store. 

12:49 pm – Two people were taken to ECMC for treatment after a crash on Walden Avenue. 

1:01 pm – A woman called police wanting to turn in guns that used to belong to her deceased husband. She spoke with police and decided to try and sell the guns at the shop. 

1:09 pm – Police were called to sort out a fight between a couple that started at Kumo Japanese Restaurant. The woman says her boyfriend took off and left her at the restaurant, and she has some health issues and is trying to get home. Her boyfriend ended up getting back home. They were both drunk, and the fight started over the menu at Kumo. The man says the woman refused to get in the car with him.

1:27 pm – A police report was filed after someone on Beryl Drive paid $10,000 through a computer scam. 

2:14 pm – A woman was arrested for shoplifting from Tops in the Thruway Plaza. 

2:57 pm – A police report was filed after someone on Griffith Street found their car tires slashed. 

2:58 pm – A man was arrested for shoplifting a bag full of Armor All (the car cleaner) from Family Dollar on Genesee Street. The man also had a warrant out of Hamburg. 

3:18 pm – A 7-year-old girl called the police to say her 12-year-old brother is out of control. Her mom is trying to calm him down. It’s a discipline issue. The family was advised. 

3:19 pm – A woman called police because Hertz rental car told her she is responsible for a vehicle that was stolen after she turned it back into the company. She says the keys were left in the center console of the vehicle. A police report was filed. 

3:37 pm – TGI Friday’s reported getting a counterfeit $100 bill from a customer. A police report was filed on the customer.

3:56 pm – A call came in from a woman on Borden Road. Police and firefighters from Bellevue were called to the home because a woman was passed out from a drug overdose on a back porch. The woman was given a dose of Narcan and taken to ECMC. 

4:04 pm – A neighbor on Farmingdale Road called to complain about a car driving fast up and down the road. The car was tracked down. The driver claimed she was learning how to drive standard. She was advised. 

4:42 pm – A woman was arrested for shoplifting from Walmart on Walden. 

4:45 pm – A summons was issued after a woman was spotted in a car on Union Road with a baby on her lap and not in a car seat. 

5:51 pm – A man was arrested for shoplifting at Walden Galleria. 

5:54 pm – A town employee called because a group was fighting between the basketball and tennis courts at Town Park. There was no fight when police got to the park, and no one would cooperate with police. 

6:03 pm – A man and three women were escorted off Walden Galleria property. The group was fighting in the middle of the mall. Then, they were taping security on their phones as they were being followed through the mall. Security says the group was physically fighting, then was uncooperative. Two people from the group were arrested for trespassing for returning to the mall a few minutes after getting kicked out. 

6:11 pm – South Line firefighters were called out to help an elderly woman who passed out at Tully’s Good Times on French Road. She was taken to Millard Fillmore Suburban. 

7:18 pm – A neighbor reported kids were playing with fireworks on Meadow Place. The kids were playing with snaps. 

7:25 pm – A missing person report was filled out by a mother on Ivanhoe Road. She says she hasn’t seen her son in a day. 

7:27 pm – A caller reported kids near the Maryvale track field, in a locked area where equipment was stored. The kids were advised by police and left the area. 

7:28 pm – A driver was pulled over on Genesee Street and arrested with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. 

8:16 pm – Firefighters from Hy-View were called out to a house on Poinciana Drive for a CO detector. There were no readings of carbon monoxide. The family was advised. 

8:46 pm – Someone called in to report kids playing dice on the basketball court in Town Park. There was no dice game when police arrived, the kids were just planning their nights on their phones and getting ready to leave the park. 

8:49 pm – A police report was filed for attempted burglary. A resident on Mt. Vernon Road found a screen cut and chair propped against the house when they got home. The house was checked, no one was inside, and nothing was taken. 

9:56 pm – A woman says her wallet was stolen from the back room at Tops in Thruway Plaza. A police report was filed. 

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