Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cheektowaga Police secure the scene of a shooting at Atwood and Barbara Place on June 22, 2017. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)
Cheektowaga Police secure the scene of a shooting at Atwood and Barbara Place on June 22, 2017. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – Police and firefighters responded to 183 calls across the Town of Cheektowaga on July 20. Here’s a look at some of the incidents. 

12:23 am – A man looked like he was passed out on the ground by the Pine Ridge Halal Market on Genesee Street. Several people were outside near the man and said he got up and walked away. He appeared fine. He was found by police on Erb and was on his way home. 

12:30 am – South Line firefighters were called out to assist with an overdose on Cannas Court. The person was taken to ECMC by ambulance. 

1:44 am – An elderly woman called police to say the man in the next apartment keeps calling her name. The woman’s son came over and said she seems to be suffering from dementia.

1:48 am – Police noticed some kids in Dingens Park. They were advised to be on their way. 

2:59 am – Police were called to Denny’s on Genesee Street to a reported dine and dash. The vehicle was tracked down on the 33. Three adults and two juveniles were arrested. 

3:52 am – Police noticed a drunk man on Harlem Road with a shopping cart. He was taken to his house in the City. 

4:36 am – A man called from Jim’s Truck Stop on Walden saying a woman was refusing to get out of his truck. The caller was gone when police arrived. 

8:22 am – A call came from Hertz Rent a Car on Genesee Street. A customer was threatening to ram his car into the building. The man left by the time police got to the store. 

8:40 am – A woman was found sleeping in the parking lot of Rescue Hose on Pine Ridge Road. She woke up after a short while and started walking towards the nearby bus stop.

9:14 am – A person reported that a dog was chained up with a very large chain on Anthony Avenue. They had concerns it was animal cruelty. It was not cruelty, but the owners were advised. 

9:25 am – A call came in from Harlem Road. A family from Kemp Road were trying to get a man back home. He ran to the bus stop on Genesee and Harlem and jumped onto a bus. The bus was stopped in the at Delavan and Bailey. The man was taken back home and crisis services was contacted for help. The man’s passport was taken away and everything was settled for now. 

9:28 am – A woman on North Park Avenue called to say she woke up and found a truck she did not know in her driveway. There is a temporary sticker on the vehicle. It turns out it was her son-in-law’s new truck. 

10:43 am – A woman came to police headquarters to complain that people were living in a home on Shanely Street. Her son, who is in jail, owns the house. Neighbors were calling the mom to report that people are in the house. 

10:52 am – Police took a complaint from Williamstowne Apartments. A woman said someone is taking items from her home when she is not there. She said her sheets are missing and a wrapper was left behind. A police report was filed for a suspicious occurrence. 

11:16 am – Someone on Edmund Street called to report that a man with a yellow vest and clipboard was walking around the neighborhood. There was no identifiable information on the vest. The people were tracked down by police. They are working for a company hired by the Town to check out down spout and sump pump recordings. 

11:40 am – A police report was filed for a car popping on Laurentian Drive. 

11:56 am – A police report was filed after someone living at the Elderwood Nursing Home reported an unauthorized $800 charge on her credit card. 

12:19 pm – Police were called out to the area around Rutland Avenue. A man with a man bun was walking into yards and looking into garbage cans. He told the caller he lost his meds and asked for a lighter. Police were unable to track down Mr. Man Bun. 

12:42 pm – Firefighters from Bellevue were called out to help after a man fell in a parking lot on Innsbruck Drive. He was taken to St. Joes by ambulance. 

12:46 pm – A few calls came in reporting downed power lines. A tree and wires were on fire on Lehavre Drive. Someone on Nandale Drive also called to report wires sparking in the back of their yard. 

12:52 pm – U-Crest firefighters were called to Clearvale Drive for a CO alarm. There was no reading of elevated carbon monoxide at the scene. 

1:31 pm – A man who did not speak English was arrested at Walden Galleria for shoplifting. 

2:09 pm – A call came in from Tops in Thruway Plaza. A woman shoplifter punched a security guard and took off in her car. The car was tracked down and stopped in the Target parking lot. Two women were arrested for shoplifting. 

2:21 pm – A person driving by on William Street called to report that a toddler was outside, alone, wearing only a diaper. Police did not see the child in the area when they went by a few minutes later. A neighbor called later in the day to report the same incident. 

2:30 pm – South Line firefighters were called to check out a smoke detector going off at a Losson Road home. The home was using a generator and the system could not be reset. 

2:42 pm – A caller said they were in a car crash an hour before and the other driver gave them an expired insurance card. 

2:42 pm – Police went to a home on Winkler Road after a father called to complain about his two teens fist fighting in the home. The fight was settled when police got there. Everyone was advised. 

2:53 pm – A dog was found tangled up in bushes on Donald Drive. The dog warden got the pooch loose but was unable to track down his owner. The dog was taken back to the kennel. 

3:37 pm – A call came in from the Days Inn on Genesee Street. People working at the hotel called to say a man was unresponsive by the pool area. They do not believe he was a guest. U-Crest firefighters were called to check if it was a medical issue. It was not, just an unwelcome guest who needs a shower. The drifter was advised by police to be on his way. 

4:10 pm – A police report was filed for burglary after someone on Brookhaven Drive saw three kids push in the back screen window and take water bottles from the home. The kids were all identified. 

4:47 pm – A woman was arrested for shoplifting and false personation at Walden Galleria. 

6:24 pm – A neighbor called to report kids throwing a football across French Road. The teenagers were advised by police. 

7:14 pm – A call came in from Walden Galleria. A customer says an unknown person stole her sneakers while she was trying on clothes. The customer left before police got to the store. 

7:21 pm – Bellevue firefighters were called out to an oven fire at Edgebrook. It turned out to be burnt food on top of a stove that was extinguished. 

7:46 pm – A group of 10 boys was fighting on Euclid Avenue. The fight broke up when police got to the scene. Everyone was advised and sent on their way. 

8:04 pm – A man was arrested for shoplifting at the Galleria. A police report was filed for possession of stolen property. 

8:39 pm – A car was pulled over on Harlem Road and two people were arrested on narcotics charges. 

8:41 pm – Police were flagged down about guys with a possible weapon in their vehicle. The car was checked out. It was a paintball gun. The guys were advised.

8:43 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters were called out to a possible faulty new stove causing carbon monoxide issues on Beach Road. There were no elevated CO readings. The woman was checked out by an AMR ambulance crew. 

9:17 pm – A person parked on the ramp at Walden Galleria called to report a hit and run. They had a note left by a Canadian on their car. The driver wanted to see if there was video of the incident. 

10:03 pm – An elderly man showed up at the front desk of police headquarters. He said he got into a fight with his wife while leaving the Olive Garden on Walden. He then got out of the car near the old K-Mart and walked to the police station. He needed a ride back home to his street off of Losson Road. Police took him home to be reunited with his wife. 

11:06 pm – A call came in from the Burger King in Thruway Plaza. A caller said there was a woman in the bathroom asking for an ambulance and she was bleeding all over the place. The woman in question ended up arrested on a Buffalo warrant. 

11:23 pm – A neighbor called in a loud party on South Huxley Drive. There were several people running around outside and yelling. Police at the scene found out it wasn’t a party, just a family trying to catch their dog that got loose.