Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Thursday, January 31, 2019

First responders in Cheektowaga were called out to 267 incidents in the Town.

Wednesday night into Thursday, officers were out across the Town issuing tags for Snow Ban parking violations.

There were also multiple complaints throughout the day about how people were removing snow from their yards. (Plow drivers, snow blowers, and shovelers moving snow into the streets or neighbors yards.)

3:11 am – An 89-year-old woman called to say her furnace turned off. Cleveland Hill firefighters were called to the scene. Her flue pipe was blocked with snow. They attempted to unclog the pipe, but they were unable to relight the furnace.

4:01 am – A woman got her car stuck in the Valu Plaza. She was concerned because two men stopped to “help” her – but they were asking how much money she had. Police went to the scene to help her along with a plow driver.

9:24 am – U-Crest firefighters were called to the Galleria because there was a smoke issue. It turned out to be oil smoke from a fryer.

9:57 am – A police report was filed for assault in the 2nd after a man said he was punched in the face on French Road. He said the man who punched him ran off towards Gardenvillage Drive.

10:23 am – Two people were taken to ECMC after a two car crash on Genesee Street. Two other people signed off on treatment at the scene.

11:16 am – One person was taken to St. Joes for an injury after a crash on Walden Avenue near the McDonald’s.

11:42 am –  Police were called to check up on a woman who is a Town resident who didn’t show up for her work shift. She was found and was okay.

12:08 pm – A police report was filed for assault after a woman claimed she was assaulted on Cleveland Drive.

2:11 pm – One person was taken to St. Joes after a crash on Galleria Drive.

2:39 pm – A man from Sloan called police to say he hadn’t heard from a woman he usually shovels the driveway for. Officers gained entry. The woman was found down on the floor. She was declared deceased and the medical examiner was called to the scene.

3:46 pm – Police had to talk to a resident on George Urban Boulevard because their plow driver moved the snow from their driveway and ended up covering a fire hydrant. (If anything you want to take the time to make sure hydrants in your neighborhood are cleared – not add more snow pack to the issue!)

3:54 pm – A man was arrested for shooting his father in the back with a staple gun. A domestic incident report was filed.

4:42 pm – A tow truck driver was taken to ECMC to be checked out for a head injury after he fell off his truck at the split for the I-190 South and I-90.

5:19 pm – A woman was outside a house on Wagner Avenue. She said her “medical cat” went missing. Someone posted on Facebook that the cat was under the porch at that house. There was no evidence that the cat was at the house. She was advised to contact the dog warden the next day.

5:52 pm – Sloan firefighters were called out to help unblock several furnace vents for houses on Crocker Street after an anonymous phone call came in to the dispatch center.

6:32 pm – A police report was filed after five women stole about $600 worth of Nike merchandise from the Galleria.

Quick Statistics:

Property damage crashes: 21

Warrants served: 0

DMV violation arrests: 1

Narcotics arrests: 0

Marijuana arrests: 0

Walmart shoplifting arrests: 0

Galleria shoplifting arrests: 0

Mental health interactions: 3

Domestic incidents: 5

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