Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Thursday, January 11, 2018

First responders were called out to 160 incidents across the town on Tuesday. Here are some of the issues. 

1:05 am – The police drove a man to Harbour House.  He just got out of rehab and didn’t have a place to go.

2:51 am – The driver of a Volkswagen Passat was arrested at a traffic stop on Eggert Road for narcotics possession and driving without a valid license.

4:13 am – The police assisted with traffic control while the water authority located a water main break on Union Road.

7:22 am – A loose pit bull on the 3700 block of Genesee Street was taken to an address on Anthony.

10:27 am – The detective’s bureau will be investigating a larceny on Ludwig Avenue.

12:36 pm – The driver of Porsche Cayenne was arrested at a traffic stop on Walden Avenue for possession of marijuana.

3:44 pm – A house on S. Glidden Street was burglarized.  A bedroom was gone through and jewelry was stolen.

4:13 pm – A woman was arrested for larceny and endangering the welfare of a child after she stole 2 pairs from a store in the Consumer Square.

 5:24 pm – For the fourth time in three days the police investigated a 911 hangup call at an address on the 100 block of Hedley Street.  No one came to the door and police noted that the home appears secured.

5:35 pm – Bellevue firefighters investigated for a carbon monoxide leak inside the AppleTree Business Park after someone fell ill and the ambulance crew noted high levels of CO2 in the patient’s system.  Zero readings were found. 

6:05 pm – A man was arrested on the 3300 block of Genesee Street after a resident caught him trying to break into a Chevrolet XXX.

7:03 pm – A man and woman with a child were arrested for shoplifting at Walmart.

8:22 pm – A Brookfield Lane woman called the police to say her 92-year-old husband with dementia was missing.  He left to pull the car into the garage and was missing for an hour and a half. The police had OnStar track the man’s Chevy Equinox to an address on Harlem Road in West Seneca.  West Seneca Police located the car at Walgreens on Harlem Road.  The man was returned home and the car was finally put back into the garage.

8:44 pm – Police officers responded to JFK for a fight. Parents between Depew and JFK were fighting outside in the back parking lot following a basketball game.  No arrests were made.  The school resource officers will follow up with the school.

9:46 pm – A welfare check was conducted on a man at Williamstowne Apartments after a neighbor heard the man yelling and throwing things.  The man was upset about not going to his daughter’s wedding.

10:43 pm – A person was arrested at McKesson on Broadway for criminal mischief.  The subject keyed a 2004 Pontiac Sunfire.

10:48 pm – A 17-year-old male on Southgate Road was upset and tearing up the house because his mom wanted him to get rid of his dog.

Quick Statistics:

Snow Ban Enforcement: 3

Shoplifting arrests at Walmart: 3

Driving without a valid license or registration arrests: 2

Mental Health Interactions: 3

Domestic Disputes: 2

Property Damage Crashes: 8

Broken Down Motorists: 4

Arrest Warrants Served: 6

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