Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Thursday, February 8, 2018

First responders responded to 175 calls on Thursday in the town. Here is a look at some of the incidents.

2:56 am – A drunk driver was arrested on Groell Avenue.

4:09 am – A stolen Avis rent-a-car from the airport was recovered on Wagner Avenue.

8:39 am – A found dog on Broadway was taken to the pound.

9:46 am – A group of kids was found playing loud rap music in a Slate Creek Drive laundry room.  Two males were taken to an address on Gardenvillage Drive.  Two girls were skipping school and were dropped off at West Seneca East to speak with the school’s resource officer.

12:39 pm – One man was arrested at a traffic stop on Union Road for narcotics possession and criminal impersonation.  The subject also has an active warrant out of Lancaster.

6:42 pm – A truck backed into a heating unit at 76 Benbro Drive causing a gas leak.  Forks firefighters stood by until National Fuel arrived to turn off the gas.

8:19 pm – A man on Carefree Lane reported that his Nissan Altima was stolen.  He told the police that his vehicle was unlocked with the keys inside.

11:34 pm – A woman on Strasbourg Drive was attacked by the family cat.  She was checked out by an ambulance but did not go to the hospital.

Quick Statistics:

Snow Ban Enforcement: 56

Shoplifting arrests at Walmart: 0

Shoplifting arrests at Galleria: 3

Driving without a valid license or registration arrests: 1

Mental Health Interactions: 2

Unlicensed Dog Summons: 0

Domestic Disputes: 1

Neighbor Disputes: 1

Property Damage Crashes: 9

Arrest Warrants Served: 8

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