Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Cheektowaga Police speaks to the robbery suspect at a Buffalo Police traffic stop on Broadway near Deshler Street on July 8, 2017. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – Cheektowaga Police and firefighters from across the town were called out to 183 incidents on Thursday. Here’s a look at some of the highlights. 

1:16 am – Two drunk men were causing a scene at the 7-Eleven parking lot on Walden Avenue near the city line. Police advised them to leave.

1:28 am – A man was hanging out on a bench on Pine Ridge Road. He was resting. Police sent him on his way.

3:16 am – A neighbor on Linda Drive called in about a car that was running since 10 pm with the trunk open. Police checked it out. It was an oversight.

3:52 am – Police filed a report from Shanley Street. A man thought his neighbor in the lower unit stole his wallet. 

4:45 am – Hy-View firefighters were called to Bay Lane to help an unresponsive woman. The woman died of natural causes. A police report was filed.

6:37 am – A police report was filed for criminal mischief after someone on The Avenue found their car was egged.

7:49 am – The detective’s bureau came out to a burglary call on Chapel Avenue. A woman found the screen out of her window, the window was open and all the doors to the house were open. It seems like an ex may be behind the incident. 

7:51 am – Cleveland Hill firefighters responded to a call on Awood Place. A garbage truck was on fire. The fire was out when fire crews got to the scene.

8:12 am – A car was egged on McNaughton Avenue. The owner was advised by police. 

9:51 am – A female employee was arrested for stealing from Walmart on Walden Avenue.

11:14 am – A customer called police saying they were given a hard time at the game store in Thruway Plaza when they were trying to return a game. 

11:41 am – An officer on patrol in Town Park spent some time talking with the kids who were out enjoying their day at the park. 

12:11 pm – A call came in about spilled black top on Como Park Boulevard. Buffalo Crushed Stone was notified to handle the cleanup. 

1:23 pm – A call came in from a woman in the parking lot of JC Penney’s at the Galleria. Part of the roof from the mall fell onto her Lexus, breaking the rear window. The mall handled the issue with the woman.

1:57 pm – A call came in about two young boys killing a bird on a lawn on George Urban Boulevard. Police found no cause when they got to the scene. The bird flew away.

2:11 pm – Firefighters were on location at Neighbor’s Sports Bar on Cleveland Drive. It seemed like a man was drunk at the scene. It turned out he was having a diabetic issue. He was treated by the fire department and signed off on further treatment from the ambulance crew. His girlfriend came to the bar to pick him up.

2:40 pm – A woman on Oehman Boulevard called to report that her neighbor was throwing tree trunks into her year. There seemed to be an issue where the woman was concerned about things going on on the other side of the fence. She was advised.

4:07 pm – Two women were arrested at the Galleria for shoplifting. One of the women was under 18.

4:09 pm – A police report was filed after a customer got into an employee’s face at Gabe’s Collision on Genesee Street. The customer threatened to come back with more people. He was gone by the time police arrived.

4:21 pm – U-Crest firefighters were called out to a two-car crash on Dick Road. It was between a Jeep and SUV. The SUV flipped over in the accident. Three people were taken to ECMC for treatment.

4:59 pm – A woman wouldn’t leave a house on Harlem Road after an argument over a cat. The man said he had paperwork showing this cat was not the same cat they were fighting over. The woman was told to stay away from the house. 

5:06 pm – Police were called to Bigelow Road. A 15-year-old girl was refusing to leave the house with her father and was destroying items. She was upset over a cell phone. Police got to the scene. Everyone was advised.

5:21 pm – Rescue Hose firefighters were called to a mulch fire at Thruway Plaza near the bus station.

5:26 pm – A man called police at the Town Park. He said another man walked up to him, handed him an ID card, a cell phone, and a child – saying he would be back in three hours. The man with the kid said he was just joking. He was advised by police. 

6:33 pm – Two women were arrested for shoplifting at the Galleria.

6:39 pm – A cabbie called from the Walmart parking lot on Walden. A woman refused to pay her fare. She was still in the taxi. The driver and woman reached a compromise. 

7:11 pm – There were multiple calls of traffic lights being out and burglar alarms went off at Maryvale High School due to a power outage on the north side of the town. 

8:16 pm – A call came in about a man drinking in the parking lot of a laundromat on William Street. There were two people in the car. They said they were talking about marital issues. The pair walked home to Williamstowne and planned to pick the car up later.

8:31 pm – A man was yelling at neighbors on Willowlawn Parkway. He was picked up by his mother earlier in the evening, but he came back. Police checked with the man. He was advised and staying in for the night.

8:35 pm – Two customers tried to leave Zhang’s Buffet without paying. They ended up paying their bill then left.

8:42 pm – A call came in on Sierra Drive. A man was concerned about his brother. He was making threats against everyone and said he would kill his dog. The man in question may have been drunk and has multiple long guns – including an AR-15. Police took the man into custody and filed a domestic incident report for menacing. Two guns were confiscated. 

9:31 pm – A neighbor called to report that someone on Drake Drive was keeping their small dog outside in the rain. The dog was barking since the rain started. The residents were bringing the dog inside when police went over.

10:58 pm – A dog was found without tags on French Road. He was taken back to the kennel.

11:05 pm – Employees at McDonald’s on Clinton Street noticed people throwing liquor bottles out of their vehicle in the Drive Thru. Employees tried to stall the customer (who seemed drunk) for as long as possible, but he took off. Police were unable to track down the car. 

11:05 pm – A woman on Jeffery Drive said her son was threatening to have her killed. She is trying to evict her son. Police spoke with everyone. The statement was made in the heat of the moment and wasn’t serious.

11:56 pm – Three guys were chasing another guy in a lot on Rosewood Terrace. It turned out it was just kids playing tag.