Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cheektowaga Police Accident Investigators are along the 4200 block of Genesee Street where a pedestrian was struck and killed the pre-dawn hours of August 8, 2017. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – First responders were called to 185 incidents in the town on August 10. These are just some of the calls that came into dispatchers.

12:11 am – A call came in about a woman driving recklessly on Union Road. Police caught up to the car in question. The woman said the caller was following her and she tried to get away from him. She was advised.

1:04 am – A domestic incident report was filled out and one person was arrested after a woman on Walden Avenue called the police and started yelling that a man was attacking her and she had the incident on video.

1:14 am – A call came in about several dirt bikes racing around Sonwil Drive. A person at the location said they were just learning how to ride a motorcycle and they were wrapping it up for the night.

1:26 am – An officer on patrol noticed one porta potty was tipped over at Dingens Park.

1:34 am – A police report was filed after a cab driver said a fare broke the rear window of his vehicle and took off on foot. This happened on Genesee Street.

2:53 am – A man was taken to ECMC for a mental health evaluation and his dog was placed in a kennel. A person heard him running near the creek on Carefree Lane yelling that he was being chased.

6:18 am – An officer helped out a man who was locked in the ATM vestibule of M&T on Union Road. The same thing happened to another person just about a half hour later. Another woman called because she got locked in around 8:00 am. The bank was notified to send security out to help customers.

A Cheektowaga Police officer deployed his Taser after a subject with a mental disability charged him in an aggressive manner on August 10, 2017.
A Cheektowaga Police officer deployed his Taser after a subject with a mental disability charged him in an aggressive manner on August 10, 2017.

9:15 am – A police officer investigated a report of a man exposing himself in the parking lot of the William Street Laundromat at 2918 William Street.  When the officer approached the subject seated inside the laundromat, the subject stood up, became aggressive and charged the officer. The officer deployed his Taser to defend himself while backing away from the subject. The subject was not affected by the Taser and he exited to the parking lot where he locked himself inside of a van.  Video of the incident shows that it happened in a matter of 15 seconds.  He was arrested a short time later and charged with Resisting Arrest, Public Lewdness, and Disorderly Conduct.  The police department will conduct a use of force investigation which is standard procedure.

The Cheektowaga Chronicle obtained video footage on the incident. After consulting with the Cheektowaga Police Department and taking into consideration the subject’s mental disability and history with the department, the Chronicle is publishing an edited screenshot from the recording to preserve the transparency of the incident.  We feel this best balances the public’s need for information against the potential harm or discomfort this story may bring to the man’s family.

9:39 am – A woman called from the former Famous Dave’s parking lot. She said her wallet was stolen from her car the day before. A police report was filed.

10:04 am – A woman made a complaint to police saying that her old drug dealer keeps coming into her work and harassing her. A police report was filed.

10:26 am – A six-week-old was checked out at the scene of a crash on Dick Road for any injuries. The baby was not transported to the hospital.

11:13 am – An officer on patrol was flagged down on Union Road by a man pointing his finger like a gun. The man was advised about road rage.

11:48 am – Police were called to the Tops in Thruway Plaza. An elderly woman didn’t know where she was or how she got there. She did not have ID on her. The responding officer eventually got in touch with family members who came to the store to pick her up.

12:25 pm – A police department in California called to say they got a phone call from a business out there. The business was on the phone with a man who seemed to be threatening children. The phone was pinged to a home on Chapel Avenue. When police checked the address there was an older woman home alone. She didn’t know anything about a call to California.

1:21 pm – A stolen vehicle was recovered on Beach Road. NFTA was notified about the recovery and was called to the scene. One person was arrested.

1:56 pm – A call came in from Atlantic Avenue. A woman said her child’s father threw out all the newborn baby’s clothes. The baby was supposed to be coming home that day. The woman was waiting for a ride after police were at the scene.

2:04 pm – A man was spotted on Galleria Drive near where the creek goes under the Thruway. He was advised about being in the area and said he was heading to the bus stop.

2:45 pm – A woman was picked up and arrested for prostitution at the Oak Tree Inn on Union Road. An employee of the hotel called to report her suspicious behavior. She said the woman propositioned employees. A police report was filed.

3:21 pm – One female employee was arrested at Walmart on Walden. 

3:52 pm – A man was lying down on the ground with a dog in Nob Hill Park. The man fell off the park bench and was eventually taken to the VA Hospital for a back injury. His dog was brought back home by officers.

4:47 pm – A woman called to complain that a kid who is banned from Griffith Park would not leave the area. Police came and took the kid home. They advised his mother that her son was banned from the Sloan park. A police report was filed.

4:51 pm – A male employee was arrested for stealing cash from Walmart on Walden.

4:59 pm – Pine Hill, Cleveland Hill, and U-Crest firefighters were called to check out an alarm on Ellen Drive. It turned out to be burnt popcorn.

5:45 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters were called out to a vehicle fire on the westbound 90. (During the evening drive home.) Firefighters got the flames under control within a half hour. Pine Hill firefighters were also called to the scene for mutual aid.

6:06 pm – Police filed a report from the Tops on Harlem at Kensington. Two men went through registers. They bought items and paid with cash. But they kept asking for different amounts of change. The men kept keeping some of the change and ended up taking off with about $150.

7:43 pm – A woman was arrested at the Galleria for endangering the welfare of her children. She left a 5-year-old boy to watch a baby in the car seat. The children were left alone in the car in the Galleria parking lot. Security found the kids. CPS was notified about the incident and the kids were picked up by family. 

8:04 pm – A man was arrested for menacing and criminal mischief after walking into Scores strip club on Genesee Street with a knife.

9:29 pm – An officer on patrol noticed two people on bikes in Town Park. They were advised that the park was closed.

11:10 pm – A call came in about 5 to 6 kids who jumped the fence to go in the pool at Town Park. A couple kids were found over by the volleyball court and were advised by police.