Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Thursday, April 27, 2017

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – The Cheektowaga Police Department attended to 226 calls on Thursday, April 27, 2017. The following is a brief report of some of the calls they received according to the Cheektowaga Police blotter.

12:07 am – Police investigated two people yelling and screaming in the cemetery across from Rowland Avenue.  Police spoke with a man who said he and another man were arguing.

12:12 am – A suspicious person was checked out on Cherokee Drive.

12:54 am – A domestic incident report was filed and one person was arrested after a fight on Alexander Avenue.

12:54 am – A person was arrested at a traffic stop on Genesee Street for facilitating aggravate unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

1:30 am – Police checked to see if a man in the police cell block took his medication.

2:37 am – Caller on Ivanhoe Road was unsure if his son stole an X-box or was just borrowing it.  Will call back and update police.

3:04 am – A suspicious person was checked out on Boll Street in Sloan.

3:46 am – A police report was filed for a stolen dirt bike at the Best Western Plus on Dingens Street.

4:05 am – A suspicious woman was checked out in Dingens Park.

4:33 am – Car popping on Colden Court.

5:07 am – Three car poppings were reported on Chardon Drive.

6:10 am – Two car poppings were reported on Norine Drive.

6:37 am – Car popping on Beach Road.

7:29 am – Car popping on Louis Street.

8:50 am – Car popping on Rogers Drive.

7:48 am – Bellevue Fire Company investigated a faulty CO detector on the 1400 block of Borden Road.

8:00 am – A domestic incident report was filed after a father said his 4-year-old daughter sexually abused by the mother’s new boyfriend.  Various agencies will follow up.

9:02 am – A woman from Gardenvillage Drive was transported to the hospital after her child’s father assaulted her.  An arrest warrant was applied for.

9:17 am – A plumber looking for a job site on his GPS was driving erratically and was pulled over on Genesee Street.

9:34 am – Three car poppings were reported on Sandra Drive.

9:41 am – Cleveland Hill Fire Department investigated an accidental fire alarm on Coralwood Court.

9:51 am – Police attended to a domestic issue on Melody Lane. Two persons known to have a drug addition came to the house and knocked over plants.

10:04 am – Cheektowaga met Lockport Police at Niagara Produce on Transit to pick up a woman on a Town warrant.

10:04 am – Police assisted Crisis Services with a despondent man on Gardenvillage Drive.

10:45 am – A man was treated for a drug overdose at 3085 Harlem Road. Narcan was administered and the man was transported to Erie County Medical Center.

10:58 am – An out of state semi truck took down cable wires on Samantha Way.

12:25 pm – A Play Station 4 console, one controller and a game were stolen from a home on Leroy Road.

12:49 pm – A man was arrested at Cabela’s for attempted larceny and for warrants issued by the Erie County Sheriff’s Office, Orchard Park, and Cheektowaga.

1:04 pm – A contractor took $1,450 in cash, signed a contract and never performed work requested from a Kensington Avenue resident.

2:06 pm – Police broke up a fight on Hoerner Avenue.

2:24 pm – A New York State Taxation representative said a Wells Avenue man came after him and attempted to smash out his car windows.

2:25 pm – Car popping on the 1000 block of Maryvale Drive.

3:32 pm – Police assisted Crisis Services with a despondent man on the 400 block of Mapleview Road.

3:58 pm – A man was screaming for help on Southgate Road while mowing a lawn. Police learned he works for the cemetery and was yelling for his boss to help get lawn mower unstuck.

4:43 pm – Two women were arrested on shoplifting related charges at the Walden Galleria.

5:08 pm – The Jewelry Center Kiosk in Walden Galleria has evidence of two men trying to break into the kiosk.

5:13 pm – Police observed an “intense” volleyball game in Town Park.

5:33 pm – Police spoke to the uncle of a young girl who was riding a go kart/ATV on Southgate Road.

5:41 pm – Cleveland Hill Fire Department investigated a fire alarm that was set off by smoke from cooking.

5:48 pm – Police issued two citations while enforcing the stop sign at Cathedral Lane and McNaughton.

6:08 pm – Police assisted Child and Family Services with a despondent 10-year-old boy.  The child climbed the roof of the Stanley G. Falk School at one point but later came down.

6:14 pm – Walden Galleria has one person arrested for trespass.  The woman was previously barred from the mall.

6:28 pm – An underage girl was arrested at Walden Galleria for Petit Larceny, resisting arrest and possession of burglary tools.

6:41 pm – Police attended to a disorderly person on the 200 block of Cayuga Road.  He was upset because he could not find a blanket and towel.  All parties were advised.

6:47 pm – A checkpoint was setup after a store in the Thruway Plaza received a phone call that someone was going to blow up the store with Molotov cocktails.

9:52 pm – Police talked to a mother and son on Gardenvillage Drive after she called saying he was disrespecting her because of his 8 p.m. curfew.  Son said he was going to behave for the rest of the night.

10:36 pm – One person was arrested after police investigated a domestic issues on Michael Avenue in Sloan.

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