Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Thanksgiving 2018

First responders were called out to 147 incidents on Thanksgiving.

12:25 am – A woman on Como Park Boulevard needed help opening her garage door that was frozen shut. She got into her house and told dispatchers that she was being chased by a witch. (A little early for that. The full moon didn’t come until the next night.)

1:58 am – Among the Thanksgiving Eve shenanigans at Ying’s on French Road, a couple women flagged down an officer on patrol to say they lost their friend. She went to the bathroom and never returned. Apparently, she lost her phone earlier that night at The Cove. They wondered if she went back to find it. A half-hour later they found the missing woman sleeping at a friend’s apartment.

2:34 am – A drunk driver was arrested on French Road.

3:29 am – A drunk driver was arrested on Union Road.

4:22 am – NFTA police covered a call from Denny’s on Genesee Street. A man was screaming in the dining room. Everyone in the group was sent on their way.

5:04 am – Bellevue firefighters had to get a person out of a car that flipped over onto its roof on Como Park Boulevard. The driver was taken to ECMC and arrested for drunk driving.

8:09 am – A police report was filed for burglary after someone on Harlem Road came home to find their TV and Playstation were stolen.

12:09 pm – The manager of the Days Inn on Genesee Street called the police to have “three meth heads” kicked out of the hotel. They were escorted out and left the property on a bus.

2:46 pm – Rescue Hose firefighters were called to put out an oven fire on Wanda Avenue.

3:03 pm – A police report was filed after tools were stolen from a vehicle on Atlantic Avenue.

4:38 pm – A police report was filed after someone reported their mother fell for a scam earlier in the morning. The mom apparently scanned a voided check earlier in the day and sent it off to someone. They don’t know who it was sent to.

5:32 pm – Police were called to a family fight on Raymond Avenue. The initial call involved a man having a knife. Apparently, the drunk uncle was in a physical fight at the house. Everyone was advised on their family issues.

Quick Statistics:

Property damage crashes: 4

Warrants served: 1

DMV violation arrests: 1

Narcotics arrests: 2

Walmart shoplifting arrests:

Snow Ban Tags: 30

Mental health interactions: 4

Domestic incidents: 5

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