Cheektowaga Police Blotter: St. Patrick’s Day Weekend 2017

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – The Cheektowaga Police Department attended to 528 calls over the weekend of March 17, 2017. The following is a brief report of some of the calls they received according to the Cheektowaga Police blotter.

Friday, March 17, 2017:

  • Cheektowaga Police alerted by Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies just after midnight. They are told to be on the lookout for a silver car driving around Kensington Avenue, shooting paintballs out of the car. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle. 
  • Just before 3:00 am, a woman called police saying she let a “friend of a friend” watch her children while she went to the hospital. When she returned, the kids and her SUV were gone. Officers tracked down the car, and one person was arrested. A police report was filed, as well as a CPS report. 
  • Someone left a live ammunition clip inside a room at the Hampton Inn on Walden Avenue. The clip was taken to the front desk. The guest was a driver from Rochester, and called after he left the ammunition behind. A police report was filed, and the owner was told he could pick up the clip at the Cheektowaga Police Department.
  • A call came in from St. Joseph’s Hospital, officials there were concerned about a 81-year-old patient who left the hospital with an IV trap still in her arm. They were unable to contact the patient at home, or get in touch with her emergency contacts. Police were able to get in touch with the woman’s family. They said the woman had actually left the hospital two days ago, and the IV trap was taken out of her arm. Everything was fine. 
  • Police were called out to one of the stores in the Thruway Plaza. An employee was arguing and physically fighting with customers. The fight was over the price at the register, and the customers refused to leave. By the time police arrived, the customers were gone, and the employee was fired. 
  • Firefighters from Rescue Hose were called to reports of a fire on Woodell Avenue, it turned out to be a faulty pellet stove. 
  • Police were called to check out an elderly female who was walking down Borden Avenue holding two canes. Officers found out it was just a woman out for a walk, everything was okay. 
  • A call was made about a possible burglary at Williamstowne Apartments. A woman says her neighbor called her to say her son’s girlfriend broke into her apartment. The woman says the girlfriend is not allowed at her place. The apartment was clear when police arrived, and no other witnesses saw the break in. 
  • Southline Firefighters were called to Gardenvillage drive, after complaints of water coming out of light sockets and setting off smoke detectors. Firefighters found out it was an intentional issue, with one apartment plugging their sink and keeping the water running. Three apartments were flooded due to the issue. 
  • Security from Walden Galleria called about three woman possibly shoplifting. They filled their bags with items, and were waiting in line to pay for a few of them. Police advised the trio if they returned to the store they would be arrested. 
  • Southline firefighters called out to a home on Haley Lane, a man said he smelled burnt toast in their home, and the family was feeling light headed. They had a CO detector, but it was not going off. Firefighters detected a minimum amount of CO, and the family decided to get a new stove. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017:

  • A woman called around 2:00 am, saying she was worried about her husband. He has dementia and is out driving around, she believes he is lost. Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Deputies found the husband driving in Leon. A Cheektowaga Officer drove the wife out to pick up her car and husband.
  • Officers were called to Pharaoh’s Gentleman’s Club a couple of times. The first was to deal with a woman who refused to leave the property. She was placed under arrest. The second was to deal with a complaint from a woman who said her car was blocked in, and management refused to page the customer so she could leave. Officers found the parking lot was a mess, with lots of double parking. Management was told to clean up the lot. The club was over capacity, and officers had to funnel part of the crowd out.
  • Pine Hill firefighters were called out to reports of flames on Andrews Avenue. It seems a bag was on fire in the middle of the road. The flames put themselves out. 
  • One man was taken into custody on Horener Avenue, after a woman met with police saying she was beat up by a man. 
  • Police were called out to look into a drunk driver on Clinton Street. One person was arrested after reports of the person driving on the lawn of the nearby McDonald’s and driving up and down Clinton Street backwards. 
  • Officers called to Euclid Avenue because a doggie was loose. The pup was returned to their owner. 
  • A neighbor on Allendale Road called to say someone stole a door off a house that is in foreclosure. Officers saw the door was taken from the house in question. They called the building inspector to have the property boarded up. 
  • Officers were called out to the Panera Bread on Transit Road. A man says he ran into his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend in the parking lot, and the new boyfriend choked him. The woman and man in question are now gone. The man in question drives a large bro pickup truck with pipes on the top.
  • A police report was filed from a home on Ellwood Place, after a woman says someone shot her house with a paintball gun and broke her siding. 
  • Police were called to the Target parking lot on Walden Avenue. Two children around ages 4 and 3 were left alone in a running car. The car was parked close to the entrance in a handicapped spot. The mother returned, a police report was filed, and officers referred the case to CPS. 
  • A passer by called because they noticed a man walking near fenced in electrical equipment on a bike path near Strawn. Officers looked at the tracks in the snow, and it seems the man was probably picking pussy willows in the area. They were unable to locate the man in question. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017:

  • Police were called out to the 33 Speakeasy on Genesee Street just after midnight. The caller said they spotted a passed out woman being pulled into a black SUV. The manager at the bar said the woman fell and hit her head, and she was being taken care of by a friend. 
  • A call came in from Slate Creek Drive, where a man was threatening to kill everyone inside. The man had a fire extinguisher. A police report was filed. The man was arrested for criminal mischief. 
  • A man was jumping over fences on Peoria Avenue. Police checked out the situation, the man was looking for a toy in the backyards. 
  • One man was arrested on Central Boulevard, booked on DWI charges. A neighbor called to say he was slumped over the wheel of a car, in and out of consciousnesses for a half hour. 
  • Around 9:00 pm, a neighbor on Warsaw Court called police. They noticed a man getting out of a taxi and “stumbling” to his car. By the time police got to the scene, the car was gone. 


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