Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Monday, October 29, 2018

Cheektowaga first responders were called out to 202 incidents on Monday.

1:12 am – A man was taken to ECMC after being passed out on the floor of Pharoah’s. A police report was filed because there were allegations he was assaulted at the scene. The suspect was gone by the time crews got to the club.

1:50 am – A man was screaming at someone in front of a home on Fairvale Drive. Police found him nearby. It turned out he was having a fight on the phone with his girlfriend. He was advised on proper phone etiquette in public… in the middle of the night.

7:37 am – A person was taken to ECMC for a back injury after a crash on Broadway.

8:41 am – A woman was picked up for trespassing on Cayuga Road. She went to an upper vacant apartment. She was released from ECMC and her mother dropped her off at this location.

1:18 pm – A police report was filed for an overdose on Griffith Street after a family thought an EMS incident could be drug-related. A woman was found unresponsive and taken to ECMC with a Sloan firefighter on board.

1:23 pm – A man called police to say he left his pistol out an now it is missing. He said it went missing in the past hour while he ran to the store. He soon called police back to say he found the gun. He just forgot where he put it.

3:41 pm – A woman was taken to ECMC from the cell block at police headquarters for difficulty breathing.

4:02 pm – A group was advised to leave the Spirit Halloween store by police because they were causing a scene over kids’ costumes.

8:00 pm – Three kids were arrested for shoplifting at the Galleria. Loss prevention couldn’t get in touch with their parents because they were at the Bills game.

11:08 pm – A pedestrian was taken to ECMC after being struck on Union Road. They were alert and complaining of back pain.

11:51 pm – A call was made to 911 to report a stolen pumpkin on Reiman Street.

Quick Statistics:

Property damage crashes: 13

Warrants served: 6

Unlicensed animal summons: 14

Walden Galleria shoplifting arrests: 5

DMV violation arrests: 3

Mental health interactions: 1

Domestic incidents: 2

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