Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Monday, October 24, 2017

Chronicle file photo of Cheektowaga Police.
Chronicle file photo of Cheektowaga Police.

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – 164 calls came in to Cheektowaga dispatch on Monday. Here are some of the issues first responders were called to. 

12:20 am – A call came from Towers Boulevard. A person rang the caller’s doorbell and said they ran out of gas. The caller was afraid to answer the door. The person was taken to get gas by a patrol officer.

1:23 am – Bellevue firefighters were called to a house on Hillpine Road to check out a CO alarm. It turned out to be a faulty detector.

1:30 am – On William Street, an officer on patrol noticed a car with its dome light on. The owner was contacted. It turned out to be an overside.

3:07 am – A driver was pulled over on Eggert Road and arrested for narcotics and false personation. The driver also had warrants out of Buffalo.

3:37 am – A neighbor noticed a car with the doors wide open in another driveway. The owner was notified. It was an oversight. They locked up their car.

5:12 am – A man was spotted slumped behind the wheel of a truck on Union Road. The officer found out he was a paper delivery guy and he was just tired.

9:18 am – A report came in from the Gordon Companies (Dave’s Christmas) that their internet system was hacked. The FBI was notified about the issue.

9:39 am – A police report was filed after a person on Commodore Terrace said their tools and power equipment were stolen over the weekend.

9:56 am – A woman was arrested after being pulled over on Como Park Boulevard for driving without a license or registration. A man in the car was arrested on two warrants out of Buffalo.

10:19 am – A police report was filed for an unattended death at Williamstowne Apartments.

10:47 am – Rescue Hose firefighters and an ambulance were called to Rexel on Duke Road to help a man who was unresponsive after falling. He was taken to ECMC.

11:10 am – A person on Pfohl Road called to report two political signs were stolen from their yard.

11:59 am – U-Crest firefighters were called to check out a heat detector at Taco Bell on Union Road.

12:10 pm – Two men were arrested for possession of stolen property and having burglary tools at the Galleria.

12:28 pm – A person was taken to Buffalo General for chest pains after a crash in the Home Depot parking lot at Thruway Plaza.

12:52 pm – Three people were caught by police after a neighbor spotted them going into a vacant and condemned house on Tudor Road. The property management company was advised about the home being unlocked. The group was advised and released.

2:10 pm – A police report was filed after someone had their purse stolen from their vehicle on Elkhurst Drive.

2:46 pm – Two women were arrested for stealing from a store in the Sam’s Club plaza on Union Road. There were also warrants for one of the women out of Cheektowaga and Niagara County.

3:25 pm – An ambulance was called to check out a man for chest pains after a crash on the eastbound 33.

5:31 pm – A man was picked up on Halstead Avenue on a warrant out of East Aurora.

5:46 pm – Ambulance crews were called to check out patients after a four-car crash on Maryvale Drive.

5:48 pm – Forks firefighters were called to check out a fire alarm at Cheektowaga Central. There was an issue with the detector. The alarm company will be contacted to fix it.

9:13 pm – A police report was filed for a natural death on Mansion Avenue.

9:15 pm – An ambulance crew was called to check out a man who had his finger bit during a fight at Partner’s Pizza on Shanley Street. One of the men in the fight was served a warrant out of Cheektowaga.

10:09 pm – An ambulance was called to Walmart. A man went to customer service to say he fell and hit his head while walking to the store. He was taken to St. Joes to be checked out.


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