Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Monday, March 6, 2017

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – The Cheektowaga Police Department attended to 184 calls on March 6, 2017. The following is a brief report of some of the calls they received according to the Cheektowaga Police blotter.

  • Police responded to a call on Wanda Drive, a woman says her boyfriend took off with her car and bank card. She says boyfriend withdrew $500 from account. Officers got in touch with boyfriend, he says he’s heading back with the car, and he had permission to use both the car and bank card. The woman calls police back a couple hours later. The car has not been returned, and now $800 was taken from the account. She wants to file police report about incident. 
  • Man on Eggert Road calls police saying a woman was trying to smash his car’s window. She then tried going after the man with the brick. Woman told officers at the scene she hit her head on the glass in the vehicle earlier. She was checked out by paramedics at the scene. Woman was arrested.
  • Woman in on Windwood Court calls police and says her child’s father kicked and broke her door when he came to pick up his child. Woman is taken into custody, wanted on a Buffalo Police warrant. Buffalo Police call back later in the afternoon, because the suspect’s 9-year-old is due home from school and there is no one to watch them. BPD will not release the suspect, and police discover the child is spending the night with a neighbor. 
  • An unknown person walked into a house on Straley Avenue and took a TV out of the home, when the door was unlocked. The caller’s son has been having issues with drug dealers and there have been gun calls there in the past. A police report is filed. The son says he has no information. “Doesn’t want to get shot over a TV.”
  • Firefighters from Pine Hill were called out to a home on Eggert Road. The homeowner said there was a smell of natural gas, and the furnace went out. Firefighters found the owner put the furnace filter in backwards, and that was causing the issue. 
  • Man was arguing with employees at a store in Airport Plaza. He said the ATM did not give him all the cash he took from account. Employees say they do not own the ATM at the store. $40 was found stuck in the machine and given to the man. 
  • Police called from man on Genesee Street, sitting on a park bench near the cemetery. He says three men were harassing him and following him. Police were unable to locate the three men in question. They gave the caller a ride to East Delavan and Grider. A police report was filed, but officers question if the story was made up so caller could get a ride.
  • 911 hangup call from Wildy Avenue. A man is hiding in the bathroom, saying his uncle was attacking him. Uncle calls police saying he has left the house, but he wants his nephew gone, and if the man bothers his mother again he will “break his jaw”. The fight started over a phone, and it is all settled.
  • Police called out to Leonard Post Drive, man says his mother will not give him the keys to the car registered in his name. The loan for the car and title is in both his and his mother’s name. Pair advised about civil procedure.
  • Two black females refused to pay their bill at Holiday Showcase. They were told to leave and never return to the restaurant. 
  • Police called out to deal with harassment on Halstead Avenue. Caller says her neighbor posted a sign in their yard talking about her cancer and saying she smokes crack. Officers spoke with neighbor about incident. 
  • A teen was arrested at Dingens Park, after someone noticed him peeing on the playground. He is facing exposure charges. 
  • A man and a woman at the bus stop at Walden Galleria were both drunk and fighting. Police at the scene found one of fighters was wanted on two warrants, one out of Cheektowaga and another out of Buffalo. They were placed under arrest. 
  • A woman from Wallace Avenue says her daughter was picked up by a man claiming to be an ICE agent the day before. Her phone is turned off, and the man contacted the family but will not tell her where her daughter is. Police report filed. 
  • The K9 Unit was called out to help Tonawanda Police track down an armed robbery suspect on Kenmore Avenue. 
  • Officers called by security at Walden Galleria. A man and woman were near an entrance to the mall, arguing. The man has a history of domestic calls. Police helped woman find the car in the parking lot – that’s what the fight was over. The pair left peacefully. 
  • A neighbor on S. Seine Drive calls to complain about neighbor. Their neighbor apparently is always throwing gum in their driveway, and caller says they have it on tape. 

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