Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Monday, July 24, 2017

Firefighters attend to a dryer fire on Unionvale Road on June 8, 2017. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – First responders in the Town were kept busy on Monday, July 24th with a number of different calls. Dispatchers dealt with 178 calls for police, firefighters, and ambulance crews. Here is a look at some of the incidents. 

12:21 am – A police report was filed after someone on Lydia Lane called to say a brick was thrown at the back of their house. There was no damage caused by the brick. 

12:45 am – Police spotted a man and his dog walking in Town Park. He was advised that the park was closed. 

12:56 am – A domestic incident report was filled out regarding threatening texts being sent to someone on Leroy Road. 

1:35 am – A neighbor called about a group of eight kids being loud on Reiman Street. They were all advised to be on their way by police. 

1:40 am – A driver was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving on Genesee Street. 

2:50 am – Police were called to check out a possible gun shot on Reiman Street. Officers were unable to locate anything. 

3:21 am – Another driver was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving on Genesee Street. 

3:24 am – Police were called to Affinity Lane to deal with a fight between a man and woman. Officers found items all over the lawn when they got to the scene. One person was arrested for criminal mischief and false personation. A domestic incident report was filed. 

6:08 am – A call came in from Croydon Drive. A confused elderly woman was at the caller’s house. Police brought her home and made sure she had someone to check on her later. 

8:11 am – A police report was filed after someone on Wellworth Place found their tires on their Lexus slashed. The car was also keyed and a penis was drawn on the roof of the car.

8:53 am – A contractor van was broken into over the weekend. The crew was parked off of Broadway by the bridge over the Thruway. A police report was filed for grand larceny. 

8:54 am – One person was taken to ECMC for a back injury after a two-car crash on Union Road near George Urban Boulevard. 

9:49 am – Police were called to deal with a man on Jeffrey Drive who screwed the door of his room shut, saying “it’s his time to die”. The man took off about 10 minutes later, heading towards Wegmans. Police caught up with him. He and his family will follow up with crisis services. 

10:13 am – A child was taken to St. Joes after getting struck by a Metro Bus on Union Road. The child seemed to be okay at the scene. NFTA Police are dealing with the investigation. 

10:30 am – Lancaster PD was searching for a subject on Strasmer Road when they found a “big farm” in someone’s backyard. The dog warden was notified. The issue of the resident having chickens and roosters was sent onto the building department to deal with. 

10:40 am – Rescue Hose firefighters were called out to a fire alarm that was going off at Upstate Milk. It ended up that the alarm was set off by a plumber. 

10:57 am – Police were called to deal with a child exchange between parents on Harlem Road. The kid went with the dad, but the mom refused to give him diapers. Everyone was advised. 

11:54 am – A driver was pulled over on Harlem Road and is facing a number of traffic charges including speeding, texting while driving, and driving without a license. The car was towed away. 

12:33 pm – Police were called to deal with a 10-year-old who tried hitting his mom with a baseball bat in Sloan before taking off from the yard. The boy was found heading towards Griffith Park with a mallet. He was calmed down by the patrol officer. A team will be sent out for a mental health evaluation. 

2:18 pm – A driver was pulled over – and had their car towed – on Harlem Road after being cited for driving without a license. 

3:08 pm – A man called from East Grand Boulevard with the latest in an ongoing neighbor dispute. He said his next door neighbor almost crashed into him while he was wiping down his own vehicle on the street. But, the caller was arrested for filing a false report. The accused’s mother had the incident on video and there was no harassment. 

3:48 pm – One man was arrested for shoplifting at Home Depot in Thruway Plaza. 

5:33 pm – A 12-year-old on Gardenvillage Drive texted 911 to say his mom was in the bathroom smoking crack. When police got to the scene, everything was in order. Everyone was advised. 

5:39 pm – A man said he got a text from his girlfriend saying she is unhappy and she is leaving. She has no friends or family in the area. The woman’s phone was pinged near JFK airport in NYC.

6:07 pm – Rescue Hose firefighters were called to check out a fire alarm on Cathedral Lane. It turned out to be a smoke detector set off by someone cooking dinner. 

6:49 pm – U-Crest firefighters were called out to an alarm at Allied Building Products on Genesee Street. There was no sign of smoke at the building. 

6:56 pm – Police were called to Jim’s Truck Stop. A man was refusing to pay for his shower. He was washing up when police arrived. The man ended up paying his bill. 

7:11 pm – A fight between a man and woman ended up in the parking lot of police headquarters. The man said the woman threw his hat out of the window, hit him and spit on him. She then drove to HQ and told the man to get out of the car or else she would tell police he beat her. The man didn’t want to take any action at the time of the report. 

7:47 pm – A worried dad called after his 13-year-old son took off from their Aurora Drive home. Shortly after calling the police, the son called the dad saying he is in Ransomville. The dad was going to pick up the son. 

8:59 pm – A call came from a nurse in the ER at St. Joes. A patient took off with an IV still in her arm. The patient tested positive for opiates. The nurse just wanted to get the IV back and make sure the woman was okay. 

10:10 pm – A police report was filed after a cabbie said a man refused to pay his fare after arriving at Gardenvillage Drive. 

10:53 pm – A man was told by police that he was no longer welcome at the halal market on Genesee Street. 

11:43 pm – U-Crest firefighters were called out to Bernice Drive to check out an unresponsive woman. Firefighters gave her Narcan and she was taken to ECMC by ambulance. A police report was filed. 


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