Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Monday, July 10, 2017

A two-car rollover crash on Union Road on June 13, 2017 sent one woman to the hospital. A man was detained by police. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – The Cheektowaga Police Department attended to 190 calls on July 10, 2017. The following is a brief report of some of the calls they received according to the Cheektowaga Police blotter.

12:04 am – Police were called to a home on Southgate Road for people being noisy. Everything was quiet when officers arrived. 

12:05 am – Police were called to an apartment on Harlem Road where people were screaming. Officers found out it was a verbal fight and the man left the address.

12:21 am – Officers met a caller from Hoerner Avenue in the Villa Maria parking lot. She said her sister threatened her. The sister said the caller’s boyfriend made threats with a baseball bat. Everyone was advised. 

12:58 am – Pine Hill firefighters and police were called out to Sugar Road. A car listed as stolen from Buffalo was found on the side of the road. All the windows were smashed out, and the firefighters needed to help clean up gasoline that was over the top of the car. The car was not on fire. CPD took photos of the vehicle and left it at the scene for Buffalo Police to come pick up. 

1:10 am – Staff at the Towneplace Suites on Genesee Street called to report a large group in a hotel room that was noisy. The group ended up leaving within a half hour. 

1:35 am – A caller reported people in a car on Lemans Drive. The caller said they were listening to loud rap music and talking about weighing and selling drugs. Everyone was advised. 

2:28 am – Someone called police to report a man walking around and trying to open car doors on Wagner Avenue. Police tracked down a group of men in the neighborhood and checked them out. Everyone was advised.

3:11 am – A call came in from Gardenvillage Apartments. A man was reportedly jumping on a woman with a small child. When police arrived, the man had left the home. 

3:45 am – Someone called to report three teens fighting on Gierlach Street. One of the teens ran away while police were pulling up. The other two said the group was not fighting. The two teens were taken home by police. 

6:22 am – Three car poppings were reported on Atlantic Avenue 

7:50 am – Firefighters from Bellevue were called out to a fire alarm going off on Groell Avenue. It turned out to be a faulty detector. 

8:23 am – A car popping was reported on Wagner Avenue. The incident was caught on camera. Another was reported after 9:00 am.

8:36 am – A 1961 Harley Davidson was taken away from a rider on Union Road. The bike was unregistered, uninspected, had no mirrors, had bald tires, and illegal pipes. 

9:13 am – Adult protection wanted a report filed after a home aid stole an air conditioner from a client on McNaughton Avenue. 

9:20 am – Two people were spotted sleeping outside Lord of Life Lutheran Church. They were woken up. One was sent on their way. The other was arrested on an Erie County Sheriff’s Office warrant. 

9:57 am – A call came in about people living in a tent on the property of New Creation Fellowship on Genesee Street. The two people say they just got thrown out of their apartment and cannot get into a new home right away. They found a friend they can stay with until they can move. 

10:21 am – A police report was filed for a stolen purse at Town Park. 

10:55 am – A woman called to report that her ex-boyfriend damaged her car on Strasbourg Drive. A domestic incident report was filed. 

11:21 am – Police responded as well as AAA. A one-year-old was locked inside an SUV that was not running. The car was opened in less than 10 minutes. The child was okay. 

11:43 am – A police report was filed for identity theft after someone on Jeffery Drive said their debit card was used to make purchases they did not buy. 

12:01 pm – A driver with Ohio dealer plates was pulled over on Harlem Road and arrested for driving without a license. 

12:08 pm – The ex-girlfriend showed up at the boyfriend’s house on Linda Drive wanting to fight the new girlfriend. The ex left the scene before police arrived. 

12:42 pm – A wallet was reported stolen from an unlocked car on Miami Parkway. 

1:25 pm – A person called to report that a man named Russell came and stole his wallet and drugs on Union Road. 

1:43 pm – An ambulance was called to police headquarters because an inmate was having an allergic reaction to nuts. She was treated at the scene. 

1:46 pm – A manager from 7-Eleven on Walden Avenue was chasing shoplifting suspects down the street. The three men were picked up on Hoerner Avenue. Two of the teens were taken home to Gualbert Avenue, and their parents were advised. The third guy was taken to Sumner in the city. A police report was filed for petit larceny. 

2:04 pm – A woman was arrested for stealing from Family Dollar on Genesee Street. 

2:45 pm – A neighbor on Huth Road wanted a couple men checked out. They were riding bicycles strangely, almost like they didn’t know what they were doing. It turns out one man was teaching the other one how to ride a bike. 

3:29 pm – A police report was filled out for an employee who allegedly forged time cards at a Walden Avenue business. 

3:34 pm – A call came in reporting a mother for abusing a toddler on Drake Drive. Police spoke with the child and mother. The child is actually 7. They ran into the street while playing a game and the mother yelled at the kid. Everything was in order. 

3:37 pm – A woman is sleeping in her car outside her son’s house on Randy Way. She is essentially stalking him. She was advised to leave the property. 

4:15 pm – A man hopped into a car at Thruway Plaza after allegedly stealing steaks from the Tops Market. A police report was filed.

4:36 pm – Police were called out to deal with a dispute between neighbors on Woodgate Drive. A woman said her neighbor keeps complaining about things on her property, saying he will fix the things he found “wrong”. The building inspector looked at the property. There is nothing wrong. The woman says when she does not answer her neighbor’s texts, he ties his cat to items on her property. She does not want the cat around. Everyone was advised by police. 

5:18 pm – A woman was arrested for shoplifting at the Galleria. 

5:35 pm – Police and an ambulance were called out to Seton Road. A FedEx driver said he was bitten by a dog. A police report was filed and the dog warden was notified. 

5:43 pm – A driver was pulled over on Walden Avenue and arrested for driving without a license. 

6:12 pm – A 911 hang up call came in from the Aloft Hotel on Genesee Street. It turned out a guest was chasing a dog around the room. Everything was okay when dispatchers called back. 

6:20 pm – Dumpster divers were advised at Thruway Plaza. 

6:34 pm – A number of items were reported stolen from an unlocked car on Banko Drive.

6:37 pm – A call came in about a man pumping gas at Delta Sonic. The caller was concerned the man had a gun at his waist. The driver in question was gone when police arrived. 

6:53 pm – A car popping was reported on Gates Street. 

7:02 pm – A woman texted a friend to call police about a fight on Beechwood Place. There was a fight at the home between two women. They said it was just verbal, but did not cooperate with police. The one woman left for the night. 

7:21 pm – The panic alarm went off at Maryvale Middle School. Police checked out the building, everything was secure. 

10:19 pm – Two men wearing masks were seen walking down French Road towards Union. They were reportedly acting “rowdy”. The guys were gone when police got to the area. 

11:52 pm – Lovers parked on Ludwig Avenue were advised to be on their way.