Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Monday, February 5, 2018

Chronicle file photo of Cheektowaga Police headquarters.
Chronicle file photo of Cheektowaga Police headquarters.

First responders were called to 141 incidents on Monday. Here is a look at some of the calls. 

12:28 am – A driver was arrested for DWI after a crash on Transit Road. 

2:59 am – A call came in after a man stole 5 Hour Energy drinks from a convenience store on Kensington Avenue. 

5:26 am – Doyle firefighters were called to check out a CO alarm on Cayuga Creek Road. It turned out to be a dead battery. 

7:33 am – Police were called out to a dispute between a man and his neighbor’s plow driver on Goering Avenue. The man was upset that the plow was pushing snow onto his property. The plow driver was advised. 

7:39 am – A man was taken to ECMC by ambulance after a crash on William Street. 

12:23 pm – A police report was filed after someone at police headquarters was found with marijuana.

12:40 pm – A domestic incident report was filed after a person came into Sister’s Hospital with injuries. The man who was wanted in the incident called police a few hours later to complain about his “soon to be ex” making keys for the house. 

3:04 pm – A police report was filed for an unattended death on Meaford Road. A 32-year-old woman was found dead of a possible overdose.

8:30 pm – A girl reported her iPhone was stolen during swim practice at Cheektowaga Central. 

10:51 pm – A driver was pulled over on Harlem Road and arrested for drunk driving. The car had no lights on and the front end of the vehicle was missing. 

11:17 pm – Dumpster divers behind Office Depot were advised to be on their way. 

Quick Statistics:

Snow Ban Enforcement: 29

Shoplifting arrests at Walmart: 0

Shoplifting arrests at Galleria: 0

Driving without a valid license or registration arrests: 4

Mental Health Interactions: 1

Unlicensed Dog Summons: 11

Domestic Disputes: 4

Neighbor Disputes: 3

Property Damage Crashes: 6

Arrest Warrants Served: 1

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