Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Monday, August 7, 2017

Cheektowaga Police Accident Investigators are along the 4200 block of Genesee Street where a pedestrian was struck and killed the pre-dawn hours of August 8, 2017. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – Police and firefighters were called out to 192 incidents on Monday. Here are just some of the calls that came into dispatch.

12:07 am – A caller was concerned about a group of kids jumping from a garage roof onto a car on East End Avenue. A police report was filed for criminal mischief.

12:42 am – Three porta potties and a set of bleachers were knocked over between the soccer field and Alexander building at Town Park. No one was found in the area.

1:17 am – An officer on patrol noticed a woman walking in the street on William Street. The woman was stopped and advised to use the sidewalk.

3:40 am – A driver was pulled over on the 33. They were arrested for marijuana possession. 

4:10 am – A woman wouldn’t let a man leave the house on Isabelle Road. One person was arrested. A domestic incident report was filed. An officer injured his shoulder at the scene and was taken to ECMC.

5:04 am – Car poppings were reported on Cleveland Drive, Roswell Road, and Southgate Road.

10:06 am – A call came in for Rescue Hose firefighters to check out smoke in the area of Hoerner Avenue. It turned out to be crews working on the sewers. 

11:03 am – Someone broke into a scrap dumpster at Dunn Tire on Walden Avenue. A police report was filed for criminal mischief. 

12:32 pm – A woman was arrested after being pulled over on Genesee Street for not having her vehicle registered.

1:14 pm – A neighbor called about a man and woman fighting on Creekside Drive. The man was throwing her clothes out the front door. The woman left before police got to the scene.

2:48 pm – A police report was filed after two men made purchases at a store on Harlem Road near Kensington with fake cards.

3:01 pm – Someone called police after a man was spotted urinating outside the Dollar General on Harlem Road. The man was spotted by police in Town Park and given a ride back home.

3:07 pm – Firefighters from South Line were called to check out an alarm on Losson Road. It ended up being a faulty alarm.

3:07 pm – A manager at Ted’s Hot Dogs on Transit Road called to say a regular customer was inside the shop yelling and holding up his wallet, saying it was a badge. (It was just a driver’s license.) Lancaster Police went to check out the man’s address to see if he was okay. He was advised to behave the next time he goes for a hot dog.

3:26 pm – A woman called police saying that someone is on her line when she’s using her cell phone. She says the other person keeps pressing buttons to let her know they are listening. An officer checked up on the woman. She was confused. She was advised to contact the phone company and also has a doctor’s appointment scheduled.

3:38 pm – A call came in about kids throwing food at the windows of the Rec Center on Alexander. The kids were not found near the rec center.

4:18 pm – Another call came in about kids throwing construction equipment around on the soccer field off of Alexander Avenue. Some of the kids were stopped by police and strongly advised to behave. They were told they would be banned next time they misbehave in the park.

5:07 pm – A person called to report their work truck was broken into on North Meadowbrook Parkway. A police report was filed.

5:18 pm – Police were called to St. Joes. One girl was beating another girl with a belt by the trees near the ER entrance. Police were told the family was just playing around. They were advised. 

5:22 pm – Police were called to deal with an ongoing dispute between two drunk neighbors on Ivanhoe Road. They were both advised. 

5:34 pm – A woman came in to file a report with police. She says she was driving on the 33 when her boyfriend grabbed her by the neck and tried choking her. A domestic incident report was filed.

6:54 pm – Bellevue firefighters were called out to check an alarm on Como Park Boulevard. It turned out to be a faulty detector.

7:06 pm – A driver pulled over on Eggert Road was arrested for narcotics.

7:27 pm – A call came in from Cleveland Drive after a drunk husband told his wife she shouldn’t exist. There was an order of protection between the two. A taxi was sent to the house and the man went to a hotel for the night.

7:51 pm – A call came in about kids smashing windows in the old Monroe Muffler in Gardenvillage Plaza. Police also found scrappers at the site. Everyone was advised.

8:11 pm – Police were called to check on kids throwing items off the roof of a house on Harlem Road. Kids were removed from the roof of the vacant house.

8:43 pm – A man was arrested for shoplifting from Walden Galleria.

9:20 pm – A woman on Treehaven Road called police worried because her power went out two hours ago – and all her neighbors still have power. National Grid was called to the scene to work on a faulty breaker. The woman went to spend the night with family.

9:52 pm – A manager at Walmart on Walden called police saying a customer threatened to come back to the store and shoot an employee. The employee said they had no further information and claimed to not know the customer. The manager says the employee does know the suspect. No further action was taken.

10:41 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters were called to Rockleigh Drive to check out the scent of smoke in the area. They could not find any sign of smoke or fire. It was possibly a skunk.