Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Monday, August 28, 2017

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – Emergency crews were called out to 168 incidents on Monday. Here are just some of the calls that came into dispatch.

4:02 am – An out of state motorist waved down a police officer for directions on Harlem Road.

4:34 am – Someone left ten bags of garage on Dingens Street between Claude and Media.  The Sanitation Department was notified.

7:04 am – Bellevue firefighters treated a 26-year-old man who was found passed out on the back road of Stiglmeier Park.  The patient was transported to St. Joe’s by AMR.

7:29 am – A pistol permit investigation was performed for a resident on Susan Lane.

8:01 am – An ambulance crew administered medication to a woman in the police cell block.

9:48 am – The police attended to a neighbor dispute on Willowlawn Parkway over garbage cans and a property line.

10:56 am – A man standing in Genesee Street yelling at passing cars was taken to ECMC.

12:34 pm – Villa Maria College security called the police to report damaged windows.  They were busted out sometime over the weekend.  A police report was filed and the police will keep an extra eye on the area.

1:33 pm – A dog owner was advised of the no dog law in Stiglmeier Park.

1:52 pm – Doyle Hose firefighters assisted Winchester firefighters at a house fire on Fernwood in West Seneca.

2:25 pm – Sloan firefighters stood by at Doyle’s fire station while they assisted at the Fernwood fire.

4:24 pm – A resident on Balback Drive called to say their vehicle was gone through overnight.  They didn’t want to see the police, only wanted it documented.

4:31 pm –A group of seven people were shooed off of train property along the 2300 block of Broadway.

4:40 pm – U-Crest firefighters extinguished a homeless man’s small camp fire behind the Sam’s Club Plaza.  The fire did not spread to the building.  The man set up camp along the creek. Police will keep an eye on the area.

4:46 pm – A man smoking in the men’s room of store inside the Target plaza on Transit Road set off the smoke alarm.

6:51 pm – The driver of a 2003 Ford Explorer was arrested for driving without a valid license along the 1100 block of Walden Avenue.

7:00 pm – An orange Mongoose bicycle was stolen from a driveway on the 1400 block of Lovejoy Street.

7:18 pm – A domestic incident report was filed with the police.  A third party complainant told police that the victim and suspect meet in the parking lot of ZionQuest Christian Fellowship Church on Union Road in the middle of the night to have sex.

8:02 pm – The police stopped a suspicious man digging holes in the area behind the French Road 7-Eleven.  He was looking for jewelry his brother buried.  He told the police he was going to fill in the holes he dug up.

8:04 pm – A Town Facilities crew called police after they were told of a man and woman arguing at a shelter in Stiglmeier Park.  The couple was gone, but they found food, a knife, and court paperwork.

9:44 pm – A resident on Gierlach Street told police that someone entered their home through the unlocked back door and wrote on the bedroom door, “You’re next b*#@h.”  A phone and a baseball bat were also stolen.  A police report was filed, and a patrol car went to an address on Reiman to recover the phone.

9:49 pm – A sleeping mother on Anna Marie Terrace was arrested for Endangering the Welfare of a Child after her child was found a few homes away dressed only in a diaper.

10:14 pm – Rescue firefighters attended to a two-car crash on Harlem Road at the entrance to the Thruway Plaza.  Two people were transported to Sisters Hospital.  Two others refused to go to the hospital.

11:30 pm – The police broke up a loud party on Leroy Road.