Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Monday, April 23, 2018

First responders were called out to 212 incidents in the town on Monday.

1:31 am – A burglarized safe from a company in Buffalo was found burning on Cedargrove Circle.  Cleveland Hill firefighters extinguished the fire and the owner of the safe was going to pick it up in the morning.

1:57 am – A car was gone through on Victoria Boulevard.

5:45 am – The police investigated a burglary at Overtime Sports Bar & Grill.

9:52 am – The driver of a Honda Odyssey was arrested on William Street for possession of marijuana.

1:03 pm – The police responded to Cheektowaga Central after dispatchers received a 911 call.  Authorities classified it as an open line as they could hear people in the background.  It appears there is a bug in the phone system and a tech would check it out.

1:58 pm – One person went to St. Josephs Hospital after an injury accident on George Urban Boulevard.

6:16 pm – One girl was going to go to St. Josephs Hospital after being involved in a fight at Town Park.  An estimated 20 were throwing punches at a picnic shelter next to the rec center.

6:18 pm – A man suffered a dog bite on Rutland Avenue.  He went to the hospital for treatment.

8:15 pm – A man was arrested for throwing a bottle of water at a woman on S. Rossler Avenue.

Quick Statistics:

Property Damage Crashes: 6

Shoplifting at Walmart arrests: 0

Shoplifting at Galleria arrests: 0

Narcotics Possession arrests: 1

Driving without a valid license or registration arrests: 3

Mental Health Interactions: 4

Domestic Disputes: 3

Neighbor Disputes: 0

Warrants Served: 8

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