Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Last Weekend of 2018

Friday, December 28 – 153 Calls

1:55 am – A caller from the fifth floor was concerned about a chlorine leak at the Hampton Inn on Walden Avenue. Rescue Hose firefighters checked out the scene. There was no issue.

7:08 am – Doyle firefighters were called to a fire alarm on Cayuga Creek Road. There was no fire, but a universal charger “reached the end of its life”.

8:44 am – A man who had been ID’d as having stolen items from Rite Aid on Genesee at Pine Ridge was in the store. He was picked up by police near the Tim Horton’s on Pine Ridge and arrested for larceny.

10:23 am – A mailman called police from French Road. He said a woman came up to his truck, half-naked, pounding on the vehicle for help. A man then ran after her and dragged her back into the building. Police got to the scene and arrested the man in question for assault and criminal mischief. A domestic incident report was filed.

1:58 pm – A person on Losson Road called police to complain about their neighbor. They say the neighbor parks in a way that blocks their mailbox, and the mailman refuses to deliver their mail. They were advised by police.

2:49 pm – Doyle firefighters were called to check out smoke in a building on Manko Lane. There was a faulty dryer found on the second floor of the building that was disconnected.

3:27 pm – Officers on patrol at the Galleria helped people find their cars in the parking lot after they called 911 concerned they were stolen. (They weren’t – they were just parked in different spots in the lot.)

4:33 pm – The patrols at the mall started escorting out disorderly youth. Four teens were kicked out in the first round. A total of 26 people were kicked out Friday night, including a number of kids breaking the curfew rule.

5:33 pm – A mother called concerned because people keep driving by their house and harassing her young teenage son. This is after the fight at the mall on 12/26. She thinks they are part of a gang and are mad because the boy didn’t join in and help them in the fight.

5:51 pm – A dog was struck on Reiman Street by a vehicle. The dog warden responded to the scene.

7:03 pm – A man (neighbor in the back) came to a woman’s front door and yelled at her to stop looking in his windows. It is an ongoing issue between the neighbors.

9:21 pm – A police report was filed for trespassing. One subject at the Galleria was arrested and banned from the mall for a year.

10:35 pm – U-Crest and Forks firefighters were called to Victoria’s Secret in the mall because the store was filling with smoke. The shop above them apparently left water flowing that ran into track lighting into V.S.’s track lighting that caused an issue. Everything was fixed.

Saturday, December 29 – 122 Calls

3:21 am – The tipline got some information about a 22-year-old man drinking with 14-year-olds at the Sleep Inn near the airport. He was picked up and arrested. The teens were taken home by police.

4:44 am – A man was arrested on Rossler Avenue after he was trying to break in to the downstairs apartment and accused of beating up his girlfriend. The caller said the suspect was mad and accusing the caller of “sleeping with his girl”.

6:12 am – A natural death was reported on Joanne Lane.

9:26 am – Christmas decorations were reported stolen from a yard on Wilshire Road.

9:45 am – A neighbor on Slate Creek Drive reported a smell coming from an apartment. The resident was found dead inside. A police report was filed for an unattended death.

1:30 pm – A call came in about a reckless driver on the 33. The caller said the driver was wearing a clown mask. The caller hung up and dispatchers were not able to get in touch with them again for more information. The clown car creeper was not tracked down in Cheektowaga.

1:46 pm – A person complained about their neighbor burning something stinky in their fireplace. The “offenders” were just burning wood.

4:38 pm – A man and woman walked out of Tops in Thruway Plaza with a fireplace. A police report was filed with the car’s identifying information.

4:44 pm – Another day of patrols at the Galleria. Four young girls were thrown out early for breaking curfew. But fewer disorderly incidents overall. Only 9 documented on Saturday.

6:38 pm – South Line firefighters were called to E. Toulon to ventilate a house after a pot boiled over on a stove. They ended up not being needed because the domestic incident (that involved drunk cooking) was handled by police.

Sunday, December 30 – 126 Calls

12:22 am – A police report was filed for a natural death on Pinehurst Avenue.

12:30 am – Four people were kicked out of the Millennium Hotel after getting into a verbal and physical fight.

12:45 am – A group was kicked out of the Holiday Inn Express on Anderson Road after the smell of marijuana was noticed coming from a room.

1:32 am – A gun was reported stolen from an apartment on Dick Road.

1:48 am – A drunk driver was arrested on E. Delavan Avenue. The driver also didn’t have their license while operating the vehicle.

3:48 am – Two people were arrested after a fight at Pharoah’s.

6:34 am – A driver was arrested for DWI after sliding into the fence near the cemetery on the ramp off the 33 onto Pine Ridge. A caller that came upon the crash let the driver into their car after the accident and called police saying the driver smelled like alcohol.

6:53 am – Police helped a woman who ran out of gas on the 33 to get some fuel for her vehicle.

8:48 am – The Cheektowaga Senior van was winched out of the mud at Williamstowne Apartments.

10:28 am – Someone on Windwood Court called police to say their brake lines were cut overnight. They then said they would have the vehicle checked out by a mechanic to find out if the lines were actually cut or if there was another issue.

12:00 pm – An employee at the Best Western on Dingens called to complain about a man hanging out sitting on the generator to the building outside, drinking a beer. The man was advised by police to leave the property.

12:32 pm – An arrest was made for assault after a fight happened between neighbors on Center Avenue.

4:03 pm – A neighbor near Wegman’s on Losson Road called police to say it looks like someone is living behind the store in a tent. They got nosey and looked inside. They said it looked like items stolen from cars were inside the tent. No one was inside the tent when police went to check it out.

5:12 pm – A call came in to security at the Galleria that a woman said her husband left her 8-year-old and 11-year-old at the mall alone. Police then spent a couple hours trying to track down the kids and the parent. By 7:30 pm the Mom got back in touch with police to say the father’s wife went and picked the kids up right away after they were left at the mall and she has them in her custody.

5:56 pm – A person was asked to leave the mall after a disturbance at the hair place.

6:45 pm – A police report was filed after someone on Cass Avenue had the wires to their Christmas lights cut.

7:02 pm – A police report was filed for a natural death on Seton Road.

9:13 pm – A call from an upper apartment on Woodell Avenue said there was a fire in the lower apartment. Firefighters from Rescue Hose were called to the scene and found a stove fire that was confined to that area. It was put out and the house was aired out.

Quick Statistics:

Property damage crashes: 15

Disorderly people escorted out of Galleria: 26 Friday, 9 Saturday, 1 Sunday

Warrants served: 2

DMV violation arrests: 6

Narcotics arrests: 2

Walmart shoplifting arrests: 5

Galleria shoplifting arrests: 3

Mental health interactions: 4

Domestic incidents: 14

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