Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Labor Day 2018

A Cheektowaga Police Officer speaks to a detained subject on July 8, 2017. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle File Photo)
A Cheektowaga Police speaks to the robbery suspect at a Buffalo Police traffic stop on Broadway near Deshler Street on July 8, 2017. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

First responders were called out to 201 incidents on Labor Day. 

12:51 am – An officer on patrol advised a group of about ten kids playing basketball in Dartwood Park to head home. 

1:30 am – An officer on patrol pulled over a motorcycle coming out of Mt. Cavalry Cemetary. A woman was trying to find her grandmother’s grave. She was having a bad day. 

2:41 am – Police were called to Ying’s on French Road after a drunk man refused to get into an Uber with his friends. He was trying to get into his car and drive home with a drink in his hand. He eventually got into the Uber. Everyone was advised. 

4:20 am – A person was arrested for DWI after rolling a Range Rover on Kensington Avenue. 

7:04 am – A friend came over to a house on Century Road to get a cell phone. She was pounding on the door. The person at the house said she didn’t have the phone. The woman at the door was taken home. She is no longer welcome at the house. 

7:56 am – A police report was filed for an unattended death on Starcrest Drive. 

10:49 am – Pine Hill firefighters responded to a small gas leak in the basement of Pinewood Terrace. 

11:45 am – A woman on Topaz Drive called police because a neighbor left his riding lawn mower on his property. She said she didn’t ask him to move it himself because “he’s crazy”. 

12:36 pm – A police report was filed after someone called the Walmart pharmacy asking for the address of someone they know. He wanted the address because he wanted to kill her. 

1:30 pm – A landlord on East End Avenue called police after finding a tenant bleeding and naked on the floor. The patient was taken to ECMC and the detective’s bureau was called to the scene. 

1:54 pm – A woman called police after her mother threw a hairbrush at her, and it struck her in the back. Police advised the pair. 

2:08 pm – Police found three kids from the ages of ten to three years old walking their bikes on the Genesee Street bridge over the Thruway. They were taken back home and their parents were strongly advised.

2:35 pm – A parks employee was advised that the power was out at the Town Park bathrooms. 

2:45 pm – Police were called to check on a man who hadn’t been moving in his car that was running in the parking lot of the McDonald’s on Transit Road. It turned out he was just napping. 

4:38 pm – Three people were arrested on Hoerner Avenue. Two for resisting arrest. Another for marijuana possession. This is after a call came in about a large group of people wanting to start a fight on the porch of a house. 

4:59 pm – A police report was filed after a woman said someone tampered with her daughter’s medication. 

7:31 pm – A domestic incident report was filed after someone on Meadow Place said her tire was popped with a knife. 

7:46 pm – A police report was filed for a natural death on Gualbert Avenue. 

8:17 pm – A police report was filed after backyard decorations were taken from Idlebrook Drive.

8:50 pm – A person on Boll Street called about the neighborhood being filled with smoke. There is a home in the area that has a history of burning garbage and cardboard. The people in the home were advised. 

11:53 pm – A woman was arrested for DWI on N. Prince Drive. 

Quick Statistics:

Property damage crashes: 4

Warrants served: 4

DMV violation arrests: 5

Narcotics arrests: 1

Mental health interactions: 8

Domestic incidents: 10

Noise complaints: 2

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