Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Independence Day 2018


Cheektowaga first responders were called out to 241 incidents on the 4th of July. Many of them involved issues with the heat and people taking their celebrations a little too far. 

12:48 am – Someone on Hedley Street called 911 saying it sounded like someone broke into her basement. A BMW was towed from the scene and a warrant from the Tampa, Florida area was served at the house. 

7:38 am – Rescue Hose firefighters were called out to Thruway Plaza. An elderly woman was passed out in the parking lot near Tops while trying to drive. She was taken to St. Joes by ambulance. 

7:39 am – Two men were found sleeping in Stiglmeier Park. One was arrested for narcotics. The other was advised not to return or they would be arrested for trespass. 

10:08 am – A police report was filed after a gazebo was taken from a backyard on Alpine Place. 

11:16 am – Doyle firefighters were called to a home on Willowlawn Parkway. A neighbor noticed something leaking from the upstairs window into the basement. The owner was not home. There was a significant water leak in the walls that the homeowner was notified about. 

1:56 pm – One man was arrested on Walden Avenue after he struck her vehicle and continued to keep driving. 

3:08 pm – Police were called to a family fight on Haller Avenue over wifi.

4:28 pm – Officers were called to a family fight on Carefree Lane. Everyone was drunk. It turned out everyone was fighting over lotto tickets. 

6:10 pm – Lovers were spotted in a car parked in Thruway Plaza by an officer on patrol. They were advised to wrap it up and be in their way. 

6:28 pm – Police were called to Rossler Avenue after a man brought a kitchen knife out to his friend and told her to “put him out of his misery.” They were both drinking. She wanted the police to get him out of her house. 

6:33 pm – Police advised a party about an unattended fire pit on Calla Way. Open burning is against town code in Cheektowaga.

7:16 pm – One man was arrested for disorderly conduct on Redwood Drive after police were called to a family fight. 

8:55 pm – U-Crest firefighters responded to Arby’s on Dick Road. A man was found unresponsive in a vehicle. He was taken to St. Joes for treatment. 

9:26 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters were called to help a 70-year-old man unresponsive in a black Cadillac on Concord Drive. A firefighter rode along with the patient in the ambulance to St. Joes. 

9:42 pm – A man on a bicycle was struck by a vehicle on Poinciana Parkway. He was checked out for a minor head injury and signed off on further treatment. 

10:18 pm – Someone on Sierra Drive called to report that a white chair with green flowers was stolen off their deck. Police responded reports about a large crowd on Trent Square. The reported stolen chair was found there. An arrest was made at that scene for disorderly conduct. 

10:49 pm – A neighbor on Aurora Drive called 911 after nearby teens took a No Parking sign out of the ground. An officer spoke with the parents and they said they would talk with the teens. 

11:01 pm – A driver was arrested for DWI after a Honda Civic crashed into a tree on Tadio Parkway. The man and woman in the car were both taken to ECMC for treatment. 

11:13 pm – An employee of the Red Top market on George Urban Boulevard called about a naked woman in her 50’s in the parking lot. It turns out she wasn’t fully naked. She was just wearing a long T-Shirt and no pants. By the time officers got to the scene a couple of minutes later, she was already back in her house. 

11:16 pm – U-Crest firefighters were called to put a garbage can fire out at the Tops parking lot on Union Road. 

11:22 pm – One woman was arrested for assault on Lemans Drive for allegedly pushing the elderly neighbor from upstairs.

11:38 pm – A police report was filed after someone on Avery Place said he just got home and his backyard tent was missing.

11:57 pm – A man called police about a fight at a party in Sloan. He told the dispatcher he drove home drunk because another man was trying to fight him. He repeated the claim that he drove home drunk. Both men were strongly advised to stay away from each other. 

Quick Statistics:

Fireworks Complaints: 23

Heat Exhaustion: 9

Property Damage Crashes: 2

Warrants Served: 1

Shoplifting at Walmart arrests: 1

Shoplifting at Galleria arrests: 0

Narcotics Possession arrests: 2

Marijuana Possession arrests: 0

Driving without a valid license or registration arrests: 1

Mental Health Interactions: 5

Unlicensed Dog Summons: 0

Domestic Disputes: 8

Neighbor Disputes: 5

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