Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Halloween 2017

Chronicle file photo of Cheektowaga Police.
Chronicle file photo of Cheektowaga Police.

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – First responders were called out to 144 incidents on Halloween. Here are some of the issues police and firefighters dealt with. First responders also spent part of the evening out at a few Halloween parades hosted by fire departments across the Town.

1:11 am – Sloan firefighters and a few ambulance crews were called to Lovejoy Street after a bug spray went off and a man had trouble breathing. Five people were checked out at the scene. Two kids, a 10-year-old and 9-year old were taken to St. Joes. Three others signed off on further treatment.

2:14 am – A driver was pulled over on Genesee Street and arrested for having a fake inspection sticker. The driver also had a warrant out of Niagara Falls.

2:48 am – A driver was arrested for drunk driving at Tryst on Aero Drive after a crash in the parking lot involving a Range Rover with South Carolina plates. Police also dealt with a fight at the scene.

5:17 am – Rescue Hose firefighters were called out to Walden Avenue after a resident was concerned about their faulty sump pump. There was no hazard and they were advised to call a plumber.

7:17 am – Three kids were checked out by an ambulance crew after a crash involving a Depew school bus. The kids were found to be okay.

7:47 am – A woman called from outside Quest on Walden Avenue. She said a tractor-trailer backed into her vehicle and the driver offered her money if she wouldn’t call the police.

7:57 am – A police report was filed after two vehicles were gone through overnight on Eastland Parkway.

8:24 am – A person on Randolph Avenue called police to say their car was gone through overnight. 

10:17 am – South Line and Bellevue firefighters were called to a house that was flooding on Autumnwood Drive.

10:33 am – A woman was taken to Buffalo General by ambulance after a crash on Union Road.

11:53 am – A man was told to stay out of Target on Walden Avenue after he was threatening employees. 

12:19 pm – Police were called out to Cheektowaga Central. An auditorium seat was on fire then quickly put out. The school wanted to know that everything was okay. 

12:38 pm – A T-Mobile employee at the Galleria was advised after he allegedly pushed a display to the floor at the candy shop near Johnny Rockets. He was told to stay out of the store.

1:30 pm – An employee at Target was picked up by police for larceny.

2:43 pm – Police were called to a babysitter’s house on W. Mayberry Drive after a couple getting a divorce got into a fight. The husband allegedly took the wife’s phone away from her. He said the wife cleaned out the bank accounts and served him divorce papers, so this was retaliation. They were advised to work out the civil issue. They were also told to work out damage done to the babysitter’s door.

3:08 pm – Pine Hill firefighters were called to check out a CO issue on Olcott Place. They did not find any readings and turned the scene over to National Fuel.

5:12 pm – A woman employee was arrested at Walmart of larceny.

6:48 pm – A complaint came in about a man in a yellow Hummer asking kids to come up to his vehicle on Clover Place. Police tracked down the vehicle, it was just a couple parents watching their kids trick-or-treat.

8:04 pm – Hy-View firefighters went to check out a CO alarm on Tammy Lane. No readings were found.

8:32 pm – Pine Hill firefighters were called to Tim Horton’s on Pine Ridge for a fire alarm. They confirmed at the scene that a kid pulled the alarm in the restaurant.

9:14 pm – A dozen kids by the Dollar General on Harlem Road were advised to be on their way.

10:08 pm – A call came from the UPS Store on Harlem Road. Reportedly a group of kids in a U-Haul van were wearing masks and had baseball bats. There was contact made with the store, the kids in costumes were waiting for a friend to get off work. There was no issue.

10:57 pm – A police report was filed after someone on S. Rossler Avenue said it looks like their apartment was broken into and cash was stolen.