Cheektowaga Central inducts students into Honor Society

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – The Cheektowaga Central School District released the names of the Junior and Senior High School students who were inducted into the National Honor Society.

7th GRADE INDUCTEES: Grace Amanti, Matthew Bajer, Gemma Barberio, Abby Bellaus, Kayrah Brown, Carlie Bryant, Sydney Burd, Donna Calkins, Andrew Christmann, David Douglass, Alexia Germann, Alisha Hess, Emily Himmelsbach, Christopher Krzanowicz Jr., Camila Lucas, Angelina Myles, Mia Polizzi, Aaron Raczka, Anthony Raczka, Aurora Sliwinski, Nathan Stachowiak, Jenna Stroud, Madison Walczak, Emily Woelffel, Sarah Woelffel, and Aidan Zimmerman.

8th GRADE INDUCTEES: Evan Biedron, Cameron Chandler, Noelle Duncan, Samantha Golab, Jayvon Jenkins, Nathan Khoury, Janya Lewis, Vito Maccarone, Bao Han Pham, Isaiah Sharpe, and Amyah Wilson.

GRADE 10 NHS INDUCTEES: Sakhr Abdo, Christopher Bevan, Rachel Blake, Emily Christmann, Madison Curr, Christian Germann, Destiny Gioia, Ana Gredelj, Maya Karmilowicz, Zachary Karp, Quincy Myles Jr., Alvine Ntiranyibagira, Christina Pham, Jordan Richardson, Adam Serio, Jesse Statz, Marissa Sullivan, Tracy Trieu, Brianna Wright.

GRADE 11 NHS INDUCTEES: Szymon Mazur, Camille Nosky.

GRADE 12 NHS INDUCTEES: Eric Bartnik, Abdullah Hamed.

CURRENT MEMBERS: Camryn Budziszewski, My Kim Dao, Angelina Garcia, Alexa Karmilowicz, Lindsey Le, Andrew Lupejkis, Isabella Nguyen, Alyssa Norton, Brianna Pham, Michael Szwed, Alicia Thomas, Cody Thompson, Lily Williams, and Samantha Wolf.

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