Burke endorses Nowak for Legislature seat

Pat Burke endorses Brian Nowak for his soon-to-be vacant county legislature seat. (Contributed)
Pat Burke endorses Brian Nowak for his soon-to-be vacant county legislature seat. (Contributed)

BUFFALO – Assemblymember-elect Pat Burke took an opportunity Tuesday morning to throw his weight behind a candidate running for his soon to be vacant seat in the Erie County Legislature.

Mr. Burke says Cheektowaga Councilmember Brian Nowak should be appointed to his old seat.

“Over the last 5 years, we’ve been able to some really important work on the environment, labor, equal rights, LGBTQ rights and a lot of other important things. This legislative body is the policy-making body for the region and great things can come out of the work that’s done here,” said Mr. Burke.

“I’ve been happy to lead on those issues in my capacity as a board member in my town,” said Mr. Nowak.  “I’m hoping to bring that energy and those people to the county level to make the kind of change we need in terms of environmental work, in terms of workers rights and in terms of healthcare. These are all things that I’ve lead on in the past and will continue to lead on. It’s great to have Pat’s support and it’s great to have the support of all the volunteers that are getting out there to help me make this happen.”

Mr. Nowak, a Democrat, is vying for the position along with Democrat Councilmember Tim Meyers.  Mr. Meyers was first to declare his intentions to seek the seek in mid-November.  An appointment will be made by the Democratic legislators.

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