Monday, October 2, 2023

Cheektowaga Chronicle's News Network At A Glance

Cheektowaga Chronicle is ready to help drive new consumers to your business with an advertising investment that is designed to fit the needs of your business.

Growing steadily, Cheektowaga Chronicle delivers:

  • 310,500+ unique visitors in 2017
  • 641,800+ page views in 2017
  • 50,000+ Facebook post reach per month

Cheektowaga Chronicle demographics:


56% male | 44% – female


  • $50k | 30%
  • $75K | 25%
  • $100k > | 25%%

Fully integrated Advertising Opportunities:

Specialized Placement across

  • Target various ad zones and sizes, including desktop, tablet, and mobile, starting at an affordable $250 per month
  • Site-wide full-page takeovers
  • Video Ads
  • Custom page wraps and roadblock ads

Native Advertising / Sponsored Content

  • Highlight your brand, hone your message, and tell your story in your own words
  • Integrated seamlessly within Cheektowaga Chronicle content
  • Ability to promote your article using Cheektowaga Chronicle’s Social Media Channels

Daily Newsletter

The Cheektowaga Chronicle Daily Newsletter Sponsorship is an exclusive advertising opportunity that features a banner ad among the release of our top news stories of the day.

Email Blasts

Dedicated Email Sponsorship to Cheektowaga Chronicle’s organic list of active, engaged, and most dedicated users.

Have Cheektowaga’s Online News Leader Deliver Your Message 

Our loyal readers crave new content every day, and Cheektowaga Chronicle delivers.  We’ve become Cheektowaga’s online news leader by covering the news of the day, delivering a daily police blotter, enterprising investigative reports, and by being a champion for our community by telling the human interest stories of our neighbors.

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