Saturday, May 27, 2017

We Can Help Your Business Grow

The Cheektowaga Chronicle is ready to help drive new consumers to your business with an advertising investment that is designed to fit the needs of your small business.

The advertising investment you make in the Cheektowaga Chronicle allows us to report the news of the day, research and publish in-depth investigative reports and be a champion of our community by telling the human interest stories of our neighbors.

Who is Reading:

Our readership numbers have exceeded our targeted goals since launching just a few months ago.  We served 55,385 unique readers in March and 90,700 unique readers in April.

Their loyalty to Cheektowaga Chronicle shows too.  Our readers viewed us 192,410 times in March and 298,683 times in April.  Think of these numbers in terms of foot traffic – how many consumers are you reaching?

Digital vs. Print:

Cheektowaga Chronicle readers crave fresh content. Our readership numbers show that they browse our site several times a day to get that new content. Advertising in news print has it value, but don’t underestimate the power and reach of the Cheektowaga Chronicle.

We do not impose impression caps on your advertisement, so the exposure to your business is endless as your advertising investment is front and center, for every consumer, every time they browse our website.


Header – $1,000.00/month: The highest visibility offered on the site, running at the top of every page. Excellent for building your brand and promoting events and sales.  Discounts available if you share the spot with another business.

Weather Sponsor – $675.00/month: Located right above the top story, eyes will be forced to see your business as they view the homepage weather. Discounts available if you share the spot with another business.

News Break – $500.00/month: The News Break ad shows up after the fifth, tenth and twentieth story on the homepage.  Placement is directly in the content container making it impossible for readers to miss it.

Sidebar – $350.00/month: The business card equivalent and second highest visibility, the Sidebar is placed in rotating placement on the sidebar and will appear across all Cheektowaga Chronicle pages.

Article Top – $425.00/month: This ad is located right under the article’s headline and featured image.  Readers can’t miss your ad because its right at the beginning of the article.

Article Content – $425.00/month: This ad is located right in the content after the fifth paragraph.  Great expouser as readers skim your ad while reading our content.

Contact Jim Herr at 716-217-0499 or to discuss reaching our readers.

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